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कुर्माली, कुरमाली
Native to India, Bangladesh
Region Jharkhand and surrounding states
Native speakers
310,000  (1997)[1]
Census results conflate some speakers with Hindi.[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
kyw – Kurmali
tdb – Panchpargania

Kurmali (Devanagari: कुर्माली or कुरमाली) or Kudmali is one of many languages which is spoken in Jharkhand, India.[1] Kurmali is generally linked to the Kurmi/Kudumi Mahato community of Jharkhand. Kudmali is also spoken by the Kurmi people of Assam, and was brought to the tea gardens from Bihar, Orissa, and West Bengal. The Jharkhand intellectuals claim that Kurmali may be the nearest form of language used in Charyapada.[3] As a trade language, it is known as Panchpargania (Devnagari: पंचपरगनिया), for the "five districts" of the region it covers, or Tamaria.

Alternate names[edit]

Names for the language include Bedia (from the Bedia caste), Dharua, Khotta, Pan Sawasi, Tanti, Tair, and Chik Baraik.


Most people use Devnagari, though Kaithi is also known. Some in the border areas of Jharkhand and West Bengal use Bengali.[4]

Trade language[edit]

Panchpargania is the common language for communication for Bundu, Tamar, Silli, Sonahatu, Arki & Angara blocks of Ranchi district of Jharkhand state.


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