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South end of Neasden Depot. Photo taken from Neasden station

Neasden Depot or Neasden Works is a London Underground railway depot on the Metropolitan line, located between Neasden and Wembley Park stations. Historically, when it opened, Neasden was also a manufacturer, producing locomotives and coaching stock for the Metropolitan Railway. The final locomotive produced at the works was in 1898.[1]

The depot is the largest on the London Underground, maintaining the Met's 58 London Underground S Stock fleet.[2] Neasden Depot also occasionally carries out heavy maintenance on Hammersmith & City and Circle lines C Stock fleet.

24 Jubilee line trains used to be stabled here, however these are now serviced in Stratford Market Depot.[3] Although not part of the Depot, the Jubilee line signalling control centre is based on the same site.[4]

Major work was being undertaken at Neasden between 2010-2011, with much of the current 1930s layout being altered to make it suitable for maintenance of the S Stock, which began to be rolled out in 2010 to all London Underground Sub Surface lines.[5] It is envisaged that Neasden will maintain all of the S Stock fleet bar the District line. Due to the rebuild, Neasden's steam shed has now been decommissioned and converted into the Depot's training facility.[6]

Access to the depot by road is just off Neasden Lane, and is the home to the only road level crossing on the Underground.[7] It is also possible to access the depot by foot from Neasden station via a subway at the North end of the station. A final point of entry is at the end of Quainton street, in Neasden village, where the street names are named after the furthest extents of the old Metropolitan Railway: Quainton, Verney, Chesham and Aylesbury.[8]

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