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Piramal Enterprises Ltd
Public company
Traded as BSE500302
Industry Diversified Conglomerate
Founded 1988
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key people
Ajay Piramal, Swati Piramal, Nandini Piramal, Anand Piramal
Revenue Increase 36710.5 million (US$580 million) (2010)[1]
Increase 4817.4 million (US$76 million) (2010)
Slogan Knowledge Action Care
Website www.piramal.com/piramal-enterprises

Piramal Enterprises Limited, formerly known as Piramal Healthcare Limited, is the flagship company of Piramal Group. The company is listed on both Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

About Piramal Enterprises[edit]

The company has the following business units: Piramal Healthcare, Piramal Life Sciences, Piramal Capital & Decision Resources Group, and Piramal Glass.

Piramal | Healthcare[edit]

Piramal entered the pharmaceutical sector in 1988. Today, their services comprise pharma solutions, critical care, consumer products and lab-diagnostics. Piramal Healthcare contributes to over 90 percent of the company’s revenues. The Critical Care division of the Piramal Group is one of the three players globally in Inhalation anaesthetics. It provides all the currently used gases — Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane. The product portfolio also includes Intravenous Anaesthetics like Propofol, Regional Anaesthetics like Bupivacaine, Muscle Relaxants like Atracurium and Plasma Volume Expanders like Polygeline.[2] The brand portfolio under the OTC division includes Lacto calamine, I products (i-pill, i-sure, i-can), Saridon, Supractive Complete, Polycrol, Tri-active, Itchmosol, Jungle Magic etc. The division currently services 400,000 chemists and general stores.[3] The pharma solution business unit have assets across North America, Europe and Asia. It offers services across the entire drug life cycle – from development and commercial manufacturing to off-patent supplies of API and formulations.[4] The diagnostics division supplies biochemistry analysers, hemaology analysers diasys range of reagents, Lipids, and immunoturbidimetric HbA1c kits.

Piramal | Life Sciences[edit]

Lifesciences is the second vertical of PEL, which focuses on innovative research and discovery. The NCE Research division works to discover, develop and commercialise new drugs to address important unmet clinical needs in Oncology, diabetes/metabolic disorders, inflammation and infectious diseases The company has 295 issued patents and 808 pending patent applications in various countries including the US, India, China, Japan, Canada and the European countries.[5] Since 2005, Piramal Enterprises has worked on bio-orthopaedics research through strategic investments in innovations such as BST-CarGel®, a bioscaffold for advanced cartilage regeneration. BST-CarGel® has received European CE mark approval.[6] The Imaging business at Piramal was recently created through the acquisition of worldwide rights for a molecular imaging research and development portfolio of Bayer Pharma. The portfolio includes rights to florbetaben F18, a specialised molecule used in PET (Positron Emission Tomography)imaging to detect Beta-amyloid plaque which is a widely recognised marker for Alzheimer’s disease.[7]

Piramal | Capital[edit]

Piramal | Capital, the financial services unit of Piramal Enterprises, comprises three entities: Indiareit Fund Advisors which is the real estate private equity arm of Piramal Enterprises. The total fund size under management for these funds is Rs. 43 billion.[8] The Financial Services firm provides funding support for developments in the real estate and education sector. The non-banking financial company (NBFC) provides debt funding support for real estate, education related infrastructure, hospital projects and medical equipment. The firm has a loan book of over Rs. 10 billion and focus on 4 cities – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.[9] The Structured Investment division is focused at investing in structured investment deals. At present, the division has invested in two infrastructure project – one on road development and second in renewable energy.[10]

Decision Resources Group[edit]

Piramal Enterprises acquired Decision Resources Group (DRG) in May 2012 for US$635 million (~Rs. 34 billion).[11] Decision Resources Group provides high quality web-enabled research, predictive analytics via proprietary databases and consulting services to the global healthcare industry. DRG is focused on three market segments namely bio-pharma, market access and medical technology.

Piramal Foundation[edit]

Piramal Foundation run various initiatives in areas like health, education, drinking water and livelihood. The health initiative Piramal | Swasthya runs 104 health helpline across various states. Piramal | Sarvajal supplies drinking water to places where potable water is an issue. Piramal | Udgam works to empower women in rural India by providing employment through BPOs.

Piramal Glass[edit]

Piramal glass provides specialty glass packaging in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and perfumery business, specialty packaging for food and beverages, and pharma glass packaging. In 2014 the company had a total revenue of $180 million.[12] Piramal Glass has manufacturing facilities across India, the USA and Sri Lanka. Additionally they have a distribution network across Europe, South America, and Asia. The Piramal Glass offices are located across Germany, the UK, France, Sweden, Egypt, Nigeria, the UAE, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil.[13][14]

Recent News[edit]

Indiareit Fund Advisors, the private equity arm of Piramal Enterprises, receives an overwhelming response for Domestic Fund V.[15]

Jayesh Desai, co-head of investments, Piramal Enterprises, opines on the stress in the road sector projects, and how structured investments in such projects have proven to be a lifeline for the otherwise capital starved sector.[16]

Indiareit revises its strategy; exits projects worth Rs 1,000 cr, raises a similar amount & deploys Rs 800 cr in last 12 months.[17]

Ajay Piramal, along with Dr. Swati Piramal have been nominated for the Forbes Philanthropy Awards 2013 in the Outstanding Philanthropist category.[18]

Piramal Enterprises received Five-Star Safety Award by the British Safety Council (BSC) for its Digwal plant. This is a highly reputed award for world class safety practices. Piramal is the only Indian Pharmaceutical Company to have received this recognition this year. Piramal's Digwal site received the Five Star Safety Award after a successful 4 day audit by the British Safety Council (BSC).[19]

In April 2014, Piramal agreed to sell the 11 percent stake it owned in Vodafone back to the mobile operator for around $1.48 billion.[20]


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