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Runnymede Collegiate Institute
Runnymede Collegiate Institute.JPG
Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
No Steps Backward
569 Jane Street
Toronto, Ontario, M6S 4A3, Canada
Coordinates 43.663387, -79.489501
School number (416) 394-3200
School board Toronto District School Board
Superintendent Jane Phillips-Long
Area trustee Irene Atkinson
Principal Paul Edwards
Vice principal Julie Ardell
School type Public Secondary School
Grades 9-12
Language English
Area SW1 Region, Ward 7
Mascot The Raven
Team name Ravens, formerly Redmen
Colours Red, White        
Founded 1927
Enrollment 745 (2013-14)
Homepage Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Runnymede Collegiate Institute (colloquially known as RCI) is a high school located on Jane Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school first opened in 1927 and is operated by the Toronto District School Board.

The school has been certified as a silver eco-school for the 2014-15 year.

Runnymede is a school with a long tradition of excellence in academics, sports, arts, social responsibility and community involvement. With approximately 650 students, we are the perfect size to create a personal and welcoming environment for our students. Runnymede Collegiate Institute help improve their achievement and success to help them prepare for their post secondary transitions. Students are encouraged to get involved. There are many opportunities to take on leadership roles and training to give them the skills to do so. Many graduates routinely gain acceptance to the college and university programs of their choice while other students have chosen the apprenticeship route to a solid future or have gone on to begin working. Many students consistently win entrance scholarships, bursaries and competitions.


Runnymede Collegiate institute was completed and officially opened on November 11, 1927 although classes had begun on September 6 for 250 students and a staff of 10 teachers led by Principal Bruce W. Clark. The original building was designed by Charles Wellington Smith and consisted of eight class rooms, three science labs, an auditorium, a library, a gymnasium, a cafeteria and a locker area on three floors. Significant additions to the building were completed in 1928, 1958 and 1966. The building now includes over 30 classrooms, a swimming pool, two gyms, computers labs, a drama studio and a large cafeteria. The school has also been on T.V. on channel 25 (YTV, Crunch).

The school was built on land, which had belonged to John Scarlett. His is estate was called “Runnymede” after the field of Runnymede, where King John of England signed the Magna Carta. The school’s colours, red and white, derive partly from Scarlett’s name, and also from the fact that the school opened in the year of Canada’s Diamond Jubilee. Owing to their red school jackets, Runnymede students came to be known as Redmen in the 1930s. Over time an Indian head logo was adopted to go with the name. The Redmen name and logo were retired in 1994.

During World War II a Royal Canadian Navy frigate was named the H.M.C.S. Runnymede after Runnymede C.I..


Runnymede Collegiate Institute is proud of its culturally diverse community where rights, respect and responsibility are valued and where learning and teaching in a safe environment are top priorities. Runnymede has over 84 years of tradition in both academic and athletic excellence with clear expectations for students in the areas of attendance, performance and achievement. A population of around 650 students makes Runnymede an optimum size to provide recognition for individual merit and yet offer a wide array of co-curricular activities. With a variety of course offerings from computer technology to co-operative education, from modern languages to music, Runnymede meets the needs and interests of its diverse student population.

Masters of Math, Science, and Technology Program[edit]

The Masters of Math, Science, and Technology program is a specialized program in the city of Toronto designed for students who excel in the areas of math, science, and computer sciences (specifically programming). It admits approximately 25 grade 9 students per year. Admission to the program is based on grade 7 and 8 report cards and includes a written exam which consists of a math, science and language component. The language component is a short essay about a topic which relates to The Masters Program.

The program run in grades 9, 10 and 11 when students take specialized math, science and computer courses. Teacher in these three subjects work closely together and some topics are integrated across the three subjects. Various enrichment activities including field trips and extra science labs also form part of the program.

In addition to the range of course offerings at every level which lead to all possible pathways, we have many extracurricular activities which help our students pursue their interests and passions, develop new skills, make friends and nurture leadership qualities. There is something for everyone: Runnymede Student Council, 24 Hour Wake committee (fundraising for children with HIV/AIDS), eco club, yearbook, human rights alliance, drama, tech crew, music, athletic council, FIRST Robotics and many sports teams including badminton, baseball, basketball, cross country, hockey, softball, soccer, swimming, volleyball and track and field. Students are recognized for their efforts and achievements in our merit award assemblies where academic achievements are recognized as well as other contributions which acknowledge positive attitude, improvement and helping others. Students can earn school letters by making an all-round contribution to the co-curricular life of the school. Runnymede is all about community. Every day, students demonstrate the TDSB character attributes as they co-operate with each other, practice teamwork, fundraise, and create lasting friendships.

Runnymede Drama[edit]

The Drama Department at Runnymede Collegiate offers students multiple opportunities to learn about and practice their dramatic talents. Dramatic forms are used to allow students to explore self-expression through theatre arts. Self-expression is realized beginning with building trust through group exercises and moving through theatrical forms as well as practicing basic dramatic principles culminating in a self-realized work on stage in front of their peers and or the school community at large.

Yearly school drama productions and weekly rehearsals for the Improv Club are run through-out the school year. Students are encouraged to start up student run clubs that, in the past, have been well supported by the school be it student-run productions to script- writing groups as well as any other dramatic form that an inspired drama student finds an interest in.

Runnymede Science[edit]

Runnymede was one of only 10 schools in the TDSB to receive special funding from the S.T.E.A.M. Project. These funds have enabled the school to provide students with challenging and innovative activities in the fields of Robotics and Bio-Technology.

Lego Robots have been introduced by the Business & Technology Department. Students are designing, constructing and programming these robots. These activities develop higher order problem-solving skills, as well as prepare students for our F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team and international competitions.

The Science Department has expanded its bio-technology enrichment. Students are now engaged in Advanced Placement Laboratory activities such as:

-Bacterial transformation and cloning

-DNA fingerprinting using gel electrophoresis

-Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) analysis of DNA

-Protein extraction and modification

These techniques are very commonly used in medicine, forensics and genetic investigations in many areas such as pedigrees, socio-demographics and evolutionary changes in populations.

Runnymede Athletics[edit]

At Runnymede we place high value on providing quality athletic programs and believe that sport is an important avenue for students to develop many life skills. Many of our teams have experienced successes at regional and city championships, as well as representing Runnymede C.I. and the TDSB at the OFSAA provincial championships. Runnymede CI offers a full range of Athletic programs.

Runnymede Athletics Uniform Logo

Fall Sports (September – November)

  • Girls Basketball (Jr. /Sr.)
  • Cross-Country Running
  • Boys Volleyball (Jr./Sr.)

Winter Sports (November – March)

  • Boys Basketball (Jr./Sr.)
  • Swimming
  • Girls Volleyball (Jr./Sr.)
  • Hockey

Spring Sports (March – June)

  • Badminton
  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Soccer (Jr./Sr.)
  • Girls Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Co-ed Volleyball
  • Girls Soccer (Jr./Sr.)

Runnymede CI has led in many team accomplishments along with developing many individuals to further their academic and athletics careers. With approximately 20 teams every year, over 100 students, coaches, managers and athletic council members work to ensure that the Runnymede athletic experience is second to none in the TDSB. The goal for all teams is to compete at the highest possible level, with respect and dignity. Teams and individuals at Runnymede have won many regional championships, district championships, and competed in many OFSAA Provincial Championships.

Runnymede Robotics[edit]

Runnymede Robotics Logo

FIRST Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an extra curricular program where students design and build a robot within a set period of time to compete at two regional competitions. Construction, programming and promotion teams of students, staff, mentors and parents collaborate to produce winning results and awards every year.

One of the largest extra curricular clubs in the school is Runnymede Robotics. Since 2004 the club has been part of the FIRST Robotics Competition as team number 1310. Each year roughly 50 students are involved in various sub teams which build, wire and program a robot as well as secure sponsorship, track finances and promote the club. Adult mentors, including parents, alumni, volunteers from the community and teachers also form part of the team. Throughout the year students work with professional engineers and engineering students.

Runnymede Robotics, Team 1310, is an award winning FRC team. Created in 2003 by a group of passionate mentors and students Runnymede Robotics has become one of the best teams in Canada and a top team in the world. Since then, Runnymede Robotics has won various awards each year and is on track to go to the Championship in St. Louis. Runnymede is a small school containing around 650 students with 50 students on the Robotics team. Runnymede Robotics is also a breeding ground for learning skills and obtaining knowledge about math, science and technology.

Team 1310 has met with good success at regional tournaments since its creation. In 2010 it was regional finalist at both the Waterloo and Greater Toronto Regional. It has also won awards for team spirit and engineering design.

The team is supported financially by sponsorship by several corporations including The Thales Group as well as by the Toronto District School Board and numerous individuals.

Uniform Policy[edit]

Runnymede Collegiate Institute is a uniform school. All students are expected to arrive and leave in uniform and stay in uniform throughout the day. In addition, students must wear their uniform on field trips unless they are told otherwise. The uniform is composed of a number of pieces that may be mixed and matched.

How the Uniform is to be worn:

Skirts will not be hemmed shorter than 5 cm above the top of the knee. Plain black tights or black knee-high socks must be worn with skirts. When knee high socks are worn, black bike shorts must also be worn. All pants and skirts must be worn at the waist. Clothing is to be neatly hemmed or cuffed and not rolled to distort the intended length. Pants will not be tucked into socks or shoes. All oxford shirts must be tucked into skirts/pants. All outer tops must display the Runnymede Collegiate school logo crest. Only white and black T-Shirts and Turtlenecks are to be worn under sweaters. Gray or red or any other coloured undergarments are prohibited. White collared shirts must be worn under vests. Only black dress pants are to be worn. If a tie is worn, it must be an official school tie and tied appropriately. During warmer weather, students may choose to wear black knee-length walking shorts manufactured by R.J. McCarthy Ltd.

When the Uniform is to be worn:

Students must be in complete uniform while on school property. Students must arrive and leave the school wearing the complete uniform. Changing in hallways and washrooms is not permitted. Students must wear complete uniforms to out-of-school functions, including field trips and athletic events.


Students will not wear any type of headgear while inside the school building. No ear-bands, headbands, hoods, bandanas, towels, hats or caps will be allowed. Students will not wear any article of clothing that covers any part of the face. These articles include dark glasses, scarves, hoods and bandanas. Bandanas will not be worn anywhere on the body. Religious headgear which is black or white in colour may be worn. Female students may wear a black or white plastic accessory to keep hair back. All other headgear is prohibited.

Jackets and Coats:

Jackets and coats will not be worn during instructional hours. Jackets and coats will not be allowed in any room. Jackets and coats must be placed in lockers prior to the beginning of the school day. Jackets and coats will be worn only when arriving to and leaving Runnymede.


Students wearing long black skirts for religious reasons may provide these skirts themselves. Students may be exempt from the headgear rule for religious reasons (check with administration).

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