United States District Court for the District of Alaska

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United States District Court for the District of Alaska
(D. Alaska)
Seal of the United States District Court for the District of Alaska
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Appeals to Ninth Circuit
Established July 7, 1958 (by the Alaska Statehood Act, began operating February 1960)
Judges assigned 3
Chief judge Ralph R. Beistline
U.S. Attorney Karen L. Loeffler
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The United States District Court for the District of Alaska (in case citations, D. Alaska) is the Federal district court whose jurisdiction is the state of Alaska. Offices are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Nome.[1] Appeals from the District are taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (except for patent claims and claims against the U.S. government under the Tucker Act, which are appealed to the Federal Circuit).

The United States Congress organized Alaska as one judicial district on July 7, 1958 by 72 Stat. 339, authorizing one judgeship for the U.S. district court, and assigned the district to the Ninth Circuit. A second judgeship was authorized on May 19, 1961 by 75 Stat. 80, and a third was authorized on July 10, 1984 by 98 Stat. 333.

The United States Attorney's Office for the District of Alaska represents the United States in civil and criminal litigation in the court. The office was officially divided between Civil and Criminal Divisions during the early 1990s. Prior to that, Assistant United States Attorneys working out of Alaska could be expected to work on both types of cases.[2] The current United States Attorney is Karen L. Loeffler.[3]

Current judges[edit]

# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
9 Chief Judge Ralph R. Beistline Anchorage 1948 2002–present 2009–present G.W. Bush
10 District Judge Timothy Mark Burgess Anchorage 1956 2006–present G.W. Bush
11 District Judge Sharon L. Gleason Anchorage 1957 2012–present Obama
5 Senior Judge Hezekiah Russel Holland Anchorage 1936 1984–2001 1989–1995 2001–present Reagan
7 Senior Judge James Keith Singleton, Jr. Anchorage 1939 1990–2005 1995–2002 2005–present G.H.W. Bush
8 Senior Judge John W. Sedwick Anchorage 1946 1992–2011 2002–2009 2011–present G.H.W. Bush

Former judges[edit]

# Judge State Born/Died Active service Chief Judge Senior status Appointed by Reason for
1 Hodge, Walter HartmanWalter Hartman Hodge AK 1896–1975 1960–1966 1961–1966 1966–1975 Eisenhower, Eisenhower death
2 Plummer, Raymond EugeneRaymond Eugene Plummer AK 1913–1987 1961–1973 1966–1973 1973–1987 Kennedy, Kennedy death
3 James Arnold von der Heydt AK 1919–2013 1966–1984 1973–1984 1984–2013 L. Johnson death
4 James Martin Fitzgerald AK 1920–2011 1974–1989 1984–1989 1989–2011 Ford death
6 Kleinfeld, AndrewAndrew Kleinfeld AK 1945–present 1986–1991 Reagan, Reagan reappointment

Succession of seats[edit]

From left to right: Fitzgerald, Magistrate Judge John D. Roberts, Holland, Singleton, Sedwick, Magistrate Judge Deborah M. Smith, Burgess, Beistline, von der Heydt. Photo taken ca. 2009-2010

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