Wiser's whisky

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Wiser's Whiskey
Wiser's De Luxe.jpg
A bottle of Wiser's De Luxe, the flagship brand
Type Canadian whisky
Manufacturer Corby Distilleries
Country of origin Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Alcohol by volume 40.00%
Proof 80

Wiser's Whisky is a brand of Canadian whisky produced by Corby Distilleries. The Wiser's brand was first produced at a distillery established in Prescott, Ontario in 1857. In the early 1900s, Wiser's was the third largest distillery in Canada, producing whisky that supplied markets in Canada and the United States, China and the Philippines. But with the death of J.P. Wiser the company struggled and was sold to Corby Distilleries and production was moved to the Belleville area in 1932. Since at least the 1980s, Wiser's Whisky has been distilled and bottled at the Hiram Walker & Sons distillery in Windsor (now owned by the French firm Pernod Ricard, a part owner of Corby), and aged in the Pike Creek area of Lakeshore. Wiser's signature product is "Wiser's De Luxe", aged ten years.[1]


Wiser's Very Old - 750 mL Bottle

Currently, the following products are being sold under the Wiser's label:

  • Wiser's De Luxe
  • Wiser's Very Old
  • Wiser's Special Blend
  • Wiser's Small Batch
  • Wiser's Legacy


Wiser's submissions to international spirit ratings competitions have generally garnered good, if unspectacular, results. The Very Old whisky has performed the best, winning a gold medal at the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and earning a score of 90 from the Beverage Testing Institute.[2] The Reserve and the Deluxe each has won a silver medal from the San Francisco Competition and a score of 87 from the Beverage Testing Institute.[3]


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