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There are four groups in the American Zone of the Davis Cup. The two winners of Group I advances to the World Group play-offs while the last placed team will be relegated to Group II the following year. The winner of Group II gets promoted to Group I next year, the two last placed teams get relegated to Group III. The top two teams of Group III gets promoted to Group II while the two weakest teams gets relegated to Group IV. In Group IV no team can get relegated, the best two will get promoted to Group III.

Group I[edit]

  2nd round play-offs
14–16 September
1st round play-offs
1st round
10–12 February
2nd round
6–8 April
    1   Chile  
     bye     Montevideo, Uruguay (clay)
   bye       1   Chile 3
    Peru   Montevideo, Uruguay (clay)     Uruguay 1
    Peru 1
  Lima, Peru (clay)       Uruguay 3  
    Peru 1  
    Ecuador 4     Salinas, Ecuador (clay)
      Ecuador 1  
      Colombia 4     São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (clay)
  Ecuador         Colombia 1
   bye     2   Brazil 4
    2   Brazil  
 Peru relegated to
Group II in 2013.
   Chile and  Brazil
advance to World Group Play-off.

Group II[edit]

6–8 April
1st round
10–12 February
2nd round
6–8 April
3rd round
14–16 September
  Saint Michael, Barbados (hard)
    1   Paraguay 2  
  Ciudad Merliot, El Salvador (hard)     Barbados 3     Mexico City, Mexico (clay)
1   Paraguay 2         Barbados 0  
  El Salvador 3   Mexico City, Mexico (clay)   3   Mexico 5  
  3   Mexico 5
      El Salvador 0     Santiago de los Caballeros, Dom. Rep. (clay)
    3   Mexico 2
  S. Domingo, Dominican Rep. (hard)     4   Dominican Republic 3
      Bolivia 1  
  Humacao, Puerto Rico (hard)   4   Dominican Republic 4     Valencia, Venezuela (hard)
  Bolivia 1       4   Dominican Republic 3
  Puerto Rico 3   Caracas, Venezuela (hard)   2   Venezuela 1  
    Puerto Rico 0
    2   Venezuela 5  
 Paraguay and  Bolivia
relegated to Group III in 2013.
   Dominican Republic promoted
to Group I in 2013.

Group III[edit]

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