Taishan Station (Antarctica)

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Taishan Station
General information
Type Research station
Location Princess Elizabeth Land, Australian Antarctic Territory
Coordinates 73°51′S 76°58′E / 73.850°S 76.967°E / -73.850; 76.967Coordinates: 73°51′S 76°58′E / 73.850°S 76.967°E / -73.850; 76.967
Elevation 2,621 m
Construction started December 26, 2013
Completed February 8, 2014
Technical details
Floor area 1,000 m²
Other information
Seating capacity 20 people

Taishan Station (Chinese: 泰山站; pinyin: Tàishān Zhàn) is the fourth of four Chinese research stations in Antarctica.

Officially opened on February 8, 2014, it is the fourth Chinese research station in Antarctica following Great Wall, Zhongshan and Kunlun stations.

The site is located 2,621 m above sea level in Princess Elizabeth Land in the Australian Antarctic Territory, 522 km and 600 km to Zhongshan and Kunlun stations respectively.[1] One of its function is to a facilitate a relay point between the two stations.

The construction started on December 26, 2013. The station's main building covers an area of 410 m², together with the auxiliary building covering 590 m², provide the living and researching area for 20 people during the Antarctic summer.[1]

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