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Native to Laos
Native speakers
4,500 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 (included in oyb)
Glottolog jeng1241[2]

Cheng (also known as Jeng, Chieng) is a Mon–Khmer language of southern Laos. Chazée (1999:95) estimates the population at 5,500, while the 1995 Laotian census places the Cheng population at 6,511. Cheng is very closely related to Oi but the speakers consider themselves to be a distinct ethnic group from the Oi (Sidwell 2003).

As of 1/31/2017, the ISO code for Cheng language has been retired by SIL as Sidwell & Jacq, writing in 2003, consider Oi [Oy], Sok, and Cheng [Jeng] to be dialects of the same language.[3]

Native speakers of Cheng live mostly along the banks of the Sekaman River, in and around Ban Fandeng (Phandɛŋ).


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