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DAMRI or Djawatan Angkoetan Motor Repoeblik Indonesia ("Motor Vehicles Board of the Republic of Indonesia") refers to an Indonesian state owned public transit bus company. They offer transit routes to and from eight major airports in the country, including Soekarno–Hatta International Airport.[1] They also operate within Transjakarta dedicated lanes, and operate intercity buses as well as some transborder routes into neighboring nations.

As of June 2016, there are plans to have DAMRI operate routes directly to hotels in Jakarta, rather than only transit terminals.[2]


DAMRI's history officially began in 1943, with the establishment of two enterprises during the Japanese administration: the Java Transportation Enterprise (Japanese: ジャワ運輸事業社, Hepburn: Jawa Un'yu Jigyōsha, Nihon-shiki: Zyawa Un'yu Zigyôsya) for freight logistics, and the Automobile Board (Japanese: 自動車総局, Hepburn: Jidōsha Sōkyoku, Nihon-shiki: Zidôsha Sôkyoku) for passenger transport. After Indonesia proclaimed independence in 1945, Java Transportation Enterprise changed its name to Djawatan Pengangkoetan (Transport Enterprise) and Automobile Board changed its name to Djawatan Angkoetan Darat (Land Transport Enterprise) as both enterprises were taken over by the Indonesian Department of Transportation.

By 25 November 1946, both enterprises were merged, through a Ministry of Transportation announcement (Indonesian: Maklumat Menteri Perhubungan No.01/DAM/46), into Djawatan Angkoetan Motor Repoeblik Indonesia (DAMRI). It was tasked to "operate land transportation by buses, trucks and other types of motor vehicles".

DAMRI has played an active role during the Indonesian National Revolution, especially during the resistance against the Dutch military aggressions.

In 1961, DAMRI was reorganized as a General Director Board (Indonesian: Badan Pimpinan Umum, BPU). In 1965 the DAMRI BPU became a State Corporation (Indonesian: Perusahaan Negara, PN), and in 1982 it was reorganized as a public corporation.


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