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Dangkao District is a district in the western part of Phnom Penh Municipality, Cambodia. It is the largest district of Phnom Penh. The district is subdivided into 13 Sangkats and 83 Kroms. The district has an area of 197.89 km². According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 92,461.[1]


Dangkao is subdivided into 13 Sangkats and 83 Kroms.[2][3]

Sangkat (communes) Krom (villages)
Dangkao Thmei, Barku, Sambuor, Ta Lei, Mol, Khva
Pong Tuek Trapeang Tea, Trapeang Kor, Pong Tuek, Voat Slaeng, Srae Nhoar, Khleah Sanday, Prey Kei Ko, Prey Kei Kha, Tram Daok, Trapeang Sala
Prey Veaeng Prey Veaeng Khang Lech, Prey Veaeng Khang Kaeut, Trapeang Chak, Trapeang Svay, Toap Baoh, Kamrieng, Roul Chruk, Serei Dei Dos, Toul Sambo
Prey Sa Prey Thum, Prey Sa Kaeut, Prakar, Prey Sa Lech, Prey Tituy, Anlong Kong, Kouk Banteay, Thommeak Trai, Peam, Mphey Buon
Krang Pongro Krang Svay, Krang Pongro, Tuek Thla, Prey Sampoar
Prateah Lang Prateah Lang, Phea, Angk, Tang Roneam, Kouk Khsach, Kouk Meas
Sak Sampov Pou Rolum, Khvet, Krang Ta Phou, Kamraeng, Sambuor, Sak Sampov, Peaream
Cheung Aek Cheung Aek, Roluos, Srok Chek, Preaek Pranak, Preaek Thloeng
Kong Noy Kong Noy, Veal Thlan, Serei Sambatt, Trapeang Samret
Preaek Kampues Preaek Kampues, Preaek Roteang, Preaek Thloeng, Damnak sangkae, Srei Snam, Krang Svay
Roluos Krapeu Troum, Preah Theat, Kandal
Spean Thma Anhchanh, Kouk Ovloek, Meun Tra, Spean Thma, Svay Mean Leak, Phum Ha, Doung, Preaek Chrey
Tien Krang Krouch, Thmei, Thma, Kantuy Tuek, Sala, Krang

The Royal University of Agriculture is located in Dangkor District.


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