Devagiri Express

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Devagiri Express
Devagiri Express.jpg
Devgiri Express nearing Secunderabad
Service type Inter-city rail
Status Operating
Locale Telangana, Maharashtra
Current operator(s) South Central Railway, Indian Railways
Start Secunderabad[1]
Stops 28
End Mumbai CST
Distance travelled 878 km (546 mi)
Average journey time 17 hours
Service frequency Daily
On-board services
Class(es) Sleeper, Air-conditioned and Unreserved
Seating arrangements Indian Rail standard
Catering facilities Pantry
Observation facilities Large windows in all carriages
Baggage facilities Below the seats
Rolling stock Two
Track gauge Broad
Operating speed 55 km/h
Route map
Devagiri Express Route map.jpg

The Devagiri Express is a train service operated by the South Central Railway zone of Indian Railways. The train runs between Mumbai and Secunderabad, primarily running on Secunderabad-Manmad section via Kalyan Junction, Nasik Road, Manmad, Aurangabad, Jalna, Parbhani, Purna, Nanded and Nizamabad. The train shares its rakes with Simhapuri Express.


The train started as a daily train between Mumbai and Aurangabad. Devagiri or Devgiri is the ancient name of the town of Daulatabad near Aurangabad. Devagiri was once the capital of India during Muhammad bin Tughluq's rule who shifted his capital from New Delhi to Devagiri and back to New Delhi, this is where the name of the service originates.

The train was later extended to Nanded and then till Nizamabad and presently runs up to Secunderabad.

The train covers its distance of 878 kilometers from Mumbai to Secunderabad in 17 hours with an average speed of 55 km/h (34 mph).

The train links Nasik with Hyderabad for Trimbakeshwar one of Jyotirlingasalso other jyotirling ghrishneshwar at ellora near aurangabad.

The train numbers are 17057DN Mumbai-Secunderabad Devagiri Express and 17058UP Secunderabad-Mumbai Devagiri Express.

This Trains Runs on the historical Railway track of Hyderabad-Godavari Valley Railways funded by Nizam of Hyderabad.


The train is hauled by an AC/DC electric loco WCAM-3 of Kalyan shed from Mumbai to Manmad, from where an ALCO diesel locomotive WDM-3A twins or WDG-3A twins from Pune shed takes over. In the return direction, the diesel hauls the train from Secunderabad to Mumbai Station.


Devagiri Express halts at 28 following stations in its journey from Mumbai to Secunderabad:


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