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European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)
Lymec logo gradient.png
Formation1976 (1976)
TypeLiberal youth political international
HeadquartersRue d'Idalie 11, 6th floor, PO box2, 1050 Brussels
Svenja Hahn
Secretary general
Danica Vihinen
Lena Höglund
Parent organisation
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party

European Liberal Youth (Abbreviated as LYMEC) is an international organisation of liberal youth movements – mostly the youth wings of members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party.

LYMEC holds full members status to the European Youth Forum (YFJ). It is the official youth wing of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party and holds separate votes in the statutory bodies of the ALDE Party.

Even though the organisation is now called European Liberal Youth, it is still known as LYMEC, which is the abbreviation of the name when the organisation was formed in 1976. It was then known as Liberal and Radical Youth Movement of the European Communities.

The current bureau consists of:

The LYMEC office is run by the Secretary General. The position is currently held by Danica Vihinen of  Finland.

Member organisations[edit]

Organisation Country Mother party Type Status
Young Liberals of Andorra (Joventut Liberal d'Andorra, JLA) Andorra PLA Youth 1Full member
Armenian National Movement Youth Association (ANMYA) Armenia ANM Youth 1Full member
JUNOS – Young liberal NEOS (JUNOS – Junge liberale NEOS) Austria NEOS Youth 1Full member
Musavat Youth Organization Azerbaijan Musavat Youth 4Associate
Civil Forum (Gramadzianski Forum) Belarus PFP
(formerly UCP)
Youth 1Full member
Young VLD (Jong VLD) Belgium (Flanders) VLD Youth 1Full member
Federation of Liberal Students (Fédération des Etudiants Libéraux, FEL) Belgium (Wallonia) Students 1Full member
Youth of MR (Jeunes du MR) Belgium (Wallonia) MR Youth 1Full member
Young Liberals of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mladi Liberali Bosne i Hercegovine, MLBiH) Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth 1Full member
Liberal Youth Assembly of the National Movement Simeon the Second Bulgaria NDSV Youth 1Full member
Youth of NMSP Bulgaria NDSV Youth 4Associate
Youth Movement for Rights and Freedom (YMRF, Mladejko dvijeni za prav i svobodi) Bulgaria DPS Youth 1Full member
Young Croatian Liberals (Mladi hrvatski liberali, MHL) Croatia HSLS Youth 1Full member
Croatian People's Party Youth (Mladi Hrvatske Narodne Stranke – Liberalni Demokrati, mHNS) Croatia HNS Youth 1Full member
Istrian Democratic Youth (IDY) Croatia (Istria) IDS Youth 1Full member
Young ANO (Mladé ANO) Czech Republic ANO Youth 1Full member
Radical Youth (Radikal Ungdom, RU) Denmark RV Youth 1Full member
Venstres Ungdom (VU) Denmark V Youth 1Full member
Estonian Centre Party Youth (Eesti Keskerakonna Noortekogu, YAECP) Estonia K Youth 1Full member
Estonian Reform Party Youth (ERPY) Estonia RE Youth 1Full member
Centre Party Students (Keskustan Opiskelijaliitto, KOL) Finland KESK Students 1Full member
Finnish Centre Youth (Suomen Keskustanuoret, FCY) Finland KESK Youth 1Full member
Swedish Youth (Svensk Ungdom, SU) Finland SFP Youth 1Full member
Young Radicals of the Left[1] France RG Youth 1Full member
Young Republicans (Georgia) Georgia RP Youth 4Associate
Federal Association of Liberal Students Groups (Bundesverband Liberaler Hochschulgruppen, LHG) Germany FDP Students 1Full member
Young Liberals (Junge Liberale, JuLis) Germany FDP Youth 1Full member
Gibraltar Liberal Youth (GLY) Gibraltar GLP Youth 1Full member
Momentum TizenX Hungary Momentum Youth 4Associate
Ógra Fianna Fáil Ireland FF Youth 1Full Member
Youth of Italy of Values (Giovani dell'Italia dei Valori, GIV) Italy IdV Youth 1Full member
Italian Liberal Youth (Gioventù Liberale Italiana, GLI) Italy PLI Youth 1Full member
Lithuanian Liberal Youth (Lietuvos Liberalus Jaunimas, LLJ) Lithuania Youth 1Full member
Liberal-Democratic Youth (Liberalno-Demokratska Mladina, LiDeM) Macedonia LDP Youth 1Full member
Liberal youth of Montenegro (Mladi Liberali Crne Gore, MLCG) Montenegro LPCG Youth 2Applicant
Liberal Party Youth Organization Republic of Moldova PL Youth 4Other
Young Democrats (Jonge Democraten, JD) Netherlands D66 Youth 1Full member
Youth Organisation Freedom and Democracy (Jongeren Organisatie Vrijheid & Democratie, JOVD) Netherlands VVD Youth 1Full member
Young Liberals of Norway (Norges Unge Venstre, NUV) Norway V Youth 1Full member
Norwegian Liberal Students (Norges Liberale Studentforbund, NLSF) Norway V Students 3Observer
Nowoczesna Youth (Młodzi .Nowocześni) Poland .N Youth 3Associate
Project: Poland Association (Stowarzyszenie Projekt: Polska, P:P) Poland Youth 1Full member
Liberal Student Clubs (Cluburile Studenţeşti Liberale, CSL) Romania PNL Students 1Full member
National Liberal Youth (Tineretul National Liberal, TNL) Romania PNL Youth 1Full member
Liberal Democratic Party Youth (mLDP) Serbia LDP Youth 1Full member
Young Progressives (Mladí progresívci, MP) Slovakia PS Youth 4Associate
Young Liberals (Mladi Liberali) Slovakia Youth 1Full member
Young Liberal Democracy (Mlada Liberalna Demokracija, MLD) Slovenia LDS Youth 1Full member
Active Zares (Zares aktivni ) Slovenia Zares Youth 1Full member
Young Nationalists of Catalonia (Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya, JNC) Spain (Catalonia) PDECAT Youth 1Full member
Centre Party Students (Centerstudenter, CS) Sweden C Students 1Full member
Centre Party Youth (Centerpartiets ungdomsförbund, CUF) Sweden C Youth 1Full member
Liberal Youth of Sweden (Liberala ungdomsförbundet, LUF) Sweden L Youth 1Full member
Young Liberals of Switzerland (Jungfreisinnige Schweiz, JFS) Switzerland FDP Youth 1Full member
European Youth of Ukraine (Європейська молодь України, EMU) Ukraine EPU Youth 1Full member
Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine (Ліберально-демократична ліга України, LDLU) Ukraine Youth 1Full member
Young Liberals United Kingdom LD Youth 1Full member
Young Liberals Greece (Ελεύθεροι Νέοι, ΕΛ.ΝΕ.) Greece Youth 4Associate

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