Evans River (New South Wales)

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Evans River
Open/trained youthful wave dominated, interbarrier estuary[1][2]
Country Australia
State New South Wales
IBRA NSW North Coast
District Northern Rivers
local government area Richmond Valley
Source Tucombil Canal
 - location near Woodburn
 - elevation 19 m (62 ft)
Mouth Coral Sea, South Pacific Ocean
 - location below Evans Head
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Length 17 km (11 mi)
Depth 1.1 m (4 ft)
Volume 2,637 m3 (93,125 cu ft)
Basin 76 km2 (29 sq mi)
Area 2.7 km2 (1 sq mi)
National park Broadwater NP
Website: NSW Environment and Heritage webpage

Evans River, an open and trained youthful wave dominated, interbarrier estuary,[1] is located in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

Course and features[edit]

Evans River rises from Tucombil Canal near Woodburn, near South Evans Head and flows in a meandering course generally east, south, and then northeast before reaching its mouth at the Coral Sea of the South Pacific Ocean below Evans Head; descending 21 metres (69 ft) over its 17 kilometres (11 mi) course.[3]

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Coordinates: 29°08′S 153°24′E / 29.133°S 153.400°E / -29.133; 153.400