Fiat 509

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Fiat 509
Fiat 509 Spider 1925.jpg
Fiat 509 Spider 1925
Manufacturer Fiat
Production 1924–1929
Body and chassis
Class Small family car (C)
Body style 2/4-door sedan
2/4-door cabriolet
2-door spyder
Layout FR layout
Engine straight-4 990 cc
Transmission 3-speed manual
Wheelbase 255 cm (100.4 in)
Curb weight 650 kg (1,430 lb)-800 kg (1,800 lb)
Predecessor Fiat 501
Successor Fiat 508

The Fiat 509 was a model of car produced by Italian automotive manufacturer Fiat between 1925 and 1929 as a replacement for the 501. Approximately 90,000 of the model were sold. In 1926 the car was upgraded to the 509A. For 1928, the 509 was offered with standard insurance, also.[1]

In addition to as the standard car, there were 509S and 509SM sports models, as well as taxi and commercial versions.


The Fiat 509 was fitted with a 990 cc overhead cam engine.

Model Years Engine Displacement Power Fuel system
509 1924-29 straight-4 SOHC 990 cc 22 hp single carburetor
509 S 1925-29 straight-4 SOHC 990 cc 27 hp single carburetor
509 SM 1925-29 straight-4 SOHC 990 cc 30 hp single carburetor


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