Fiat 521

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Fiat 521
Fiat 521 C Coupe-Spider 1928.jpg
Fiat 521 C Coupe-Spider (1928)
Manufacturer Fiat
Production 1928–1931
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door coupe
4-door sedan
4-door limousine
4-door cabriolet
Layout FR layout
Engine straight-6 2516 cc 50 hp
Transmission 4-speed manual
Wheelbase 314 cm (123.6 in)
290 cm (114.2 in) (521 C)
Curb weight 1,350 kg (2,980 lb)-1,450 kg (3,200 lb)
Predecessor Fiat 520
Successor Fiat 522

The Fiat 521 is a passenger car produced by Fiat between 1928 and 1931. The 521 was derived from its predecessor model, the Fiat 520, but with a bigger engine and chassis. The 521C was a shorter variant. This car was produced outside Italy, most notably at the Fiat-NSU plant in Heilbronn, starting in 1930, setting Fiat on the path to its subsequent multinational status.

More than 33,000 Fiat 521s were produced in Italy and Germany.

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