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Freighting refers to the hauling of cargo, historically, using a dog team to mush goods cross-country. During the North American gold rushes, such as the Klondike Gold Rush, dogs were valuable draft animals, going where horses could not and withstanding harsher weather.[1]

Dog teams were commonly used for transportation and in Canada and Alaska were used to deliver the mail during the winter. Large teams of sturdy dogs were required to haul the heavy loads. With the advent of air mail in the 1920s, mail delivery by dog team became outmoded, and gradually the mail runs became fewer until the last regular mail freighting route in Canada was shut down in the 1960s and in 1963 in the United States.

The dog sport of weight pulling is a modern adaptation of freighting.[1] Freight In the 21st century freighting is at a point where we have many types of transportation such as airplanes, cars, ships, and train. These modes of transportation accelerate the once modern way of using dogs, and horses to haul cargo. Freighting started in the 1400’s though was popularized in the 1700s. This is when European countries started to realise they have the tool to use horses to carry wagons.

Parcel Shipping vs. Freight Knowing whether something is a parcel shipment or freight can lower the costs and know what's best for an individual. Small packages or shipments are often parcels which can be sent using a carriers such as UPS, USPS, and or Fedex. If a shipment is not a small shipment, one can visit their local drop off points.

Modes of Shipment Ground- Land or ground shipping is available by trains, or trucks. When air shipment is used ground shipment is also being used because there is no other way to transport from airplanes directly to the customer because there isn't always a production facility near the ports due to structures of the coastline towns. Ground shipping is often less expensive than air or maritime shipping due to its need of only one type of transportation.

LTL (Less Than a Truckload)- This is a part of ground transportation where the freight occupies only a portion of a truck. LTL is available for multiple customers to fill up the truck. LTL cuts the cost, because the customer shares the price of one truck with other customers.

FTL( Full Truck Load)- This is where a product fills up the truck or there is a truck dedicated to only being partially filled up. Some questions to be asked to have this more expensive, non-eco friendly are: What is the size of the shipment (can it take up a whole truck, is it more than 10,000 lbs.)? How fast does the delivery need to get to the destination? Is the shipment delicate if with other products?

Rail- Rail is most used for large freight of items. If the items are near a railway, it is convenient for the shipment.

Air transportation- Airplanes are used by customers all over the world because of how fast and easy it is. Though because the shipment is in flight and needs an experienced pilot. Air transportation is used for small shipments that usually reach their destination in a week. Usually air transportation is managed by shipping companies such as Fedex, UPS, and or DHL. Air is usually used for its speed, and reliability, though it is costly.

Ocean Freight Services- This is where packages are sent on ships, and boats all over the world. The benefits of ocean freight is that the ships can hold a lot of cargo, more than most modes of transportation written here, and the low cost of holding all the cargo. One disadvantage is that there is no set arrival time, this being said it might take a ship a day to a few weeks depending on where it is going.


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