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Hatia Station
Indian Railway Station
Location Ranchi, Ranchi district, Jharkhand
Coordinates 23°18′34″N 85°18′31″E / 23.30944°N 85.30861°E / 23.30944; 85.30861Coordinates: 23°18′34″N 85°18′31″E / 23.30944°N 85.30861°E / 23.30944; 85.30861
Elevation 657 metres (2,156 ft)
Parking Available
Other information
Status Functional
Station code HTE
Zone(s) South Eastern Railway
Division(s) Ranchi Division

Hatia Station, station code HTE, is the railway station serving the capital city of Ranchi in the Ranchi district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Hatia Station belongs to the Ranchi division of the South Eastern Railway Zone of the Indian Railway. The Hatia Station railway station is connected to most of the major cities in India by the railway network. It is situated on Ranchi-Rourkela railway section.

Ranchi has trains running frequently to Delhi and Kolkata. The city is a major railway hub and has four major stations: Ranchi Junction Hatia Station, Tatisilwai Station and Namkom Station. Many important trains start from Ranchi Junction as well.


The major facilities available are waiting rooms, retiring room, computerized reservation facility, reservation counter, vehicle parking, etc. [1][2] The vehicles are allowed to enter the station premises. There are refreshment rooms vegetarian and non vegetarian, tea stall, book stall, post and telegraphic office. Security personnel from the Government Railway police (G.R.P) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) are present for security.[3] The Railway medical unit providing health facilities is located near Hatia Station.[2] Hatia Station is located close to the bus terminal and domestic airport providing transport to important destinations of Jharkhand.


The 3 platforms are interconnected with foot over bridges (FOB).


Hatia is a major Railway Station in Ranchi Division of the South Eastern Railway and a terminal station for several trains. Several electrified as well as diesel local, M/E, SF, GR passenger trains also run from Hatia / Ranchi to different destinations of the country on frequent intervals.

Trains passing through Hatia Station include (as of 4 April 2012):[4][5]

Trains at Hatia Station
Train # Train Name Train type Zone From Dep Days Dep Time
58662 Hatia Tatanagar Passenger Pass SER Tatanagar Jn /TATA Daily 4:30
18312 Varanasi Sambalpur Express Exp ECoR Sambalpur Jn /SBP T,F 4:45
18626 Hatia-Patna Super Express Exp SER Patna Jn /PNBE Daily 6:10
12832 Bhubaneswar-Dhanbad Garib Rath GR ECoR Dhanbad Jn /DHN M,W,S 6:50
53062 Hatia Barddhaman Passenger Pass ER Barddhaman Jn /BWN Daily 7:50
13352 Alappuzha-Dhanbad Express Exp ECR Dhanbad Jn /DHN Daily 8:25
58026 Hatia Kharagpur Passenger Pass SER Kharagpur Jn/KGP Daily 9:00
12812 Hatia-Mumbai LTT SF Express SF SER Mumbai / LTT F,S 9:40
18602 Jammu Tawi-Rourkela Express Exp SER Rourkela Jn /ROU Daily 10:15
18110 Jammu Tawi-Rourkela Express Exp SER Rourkela Jn /ROU Daily 10:15
58161 Hatia Jharsuguda Passenger Pass SER Jharsuguda Jn /JSG Daily 11:50
12873 Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Express SF SER Delhi Anand Vihar Termina.../ANVT M,T,T 13:40
12817 Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti SF Express SF SER Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal/ANVT S,W,F 14:40
18109 Rourkela - Muri - Jammu Express Exp SER Jammu Tawi/JAT Daily 15:10
13351 Dhanbad-Alappuzha(Allepey) Express Exp ECR Alappuzha /ALLP Daily 15:25
18451 Tapaswini Express Exp ECoR Puri/PURI Daily 16:05
15027 Maurya Express Exp NER Gorakhpur Jn /GKP Daily 16:55
12835 Hatia-Yesvantpur Express SF SER Bengaluru Yesvantpur Jn /YPR S,T 18:20
18624 Hatia-Rajendranagar Express Exp SER Rajendra Nagar /RJPB Daily 19:05
18311 Sambalpur Varanasi Express Exp ECoR Varanasi Jn /BSB S,W 19:35
22846 Hatia-Pune Biweekly SF Exp SF SER Pune Jn / PUNE M,F 20:00
12831 Dhanbad-Bhubaneswar Garib Rath GR ECoR Bhubaneswar /BBS M,W,S 20:35
18616 Hatia-Howrah Express Exp SER Howrah Jn /HWH Daily 21:10
18622 Patliputra Express Exp SER Patna Jn /PNBE Daily 22:05

Nearest airports[edit]

The nearest airports to Hatia Station are:[6]

  1. Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi 1 kilometre (0.62 mi)
  2. Gaya Airport, Gaya 183 kilometres (114 mi)
  3. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, Patna 285 kilometres (177 mi)
  4. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata 368 kilometres (229 mi)

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