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Hayride on a farm in Northeast Ohio

A hayride, also known as a hayrack ride, is a traditional American activity consisting of a recreational ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor, horses or a truck. which has been loaded with hay or straw for comfortable seating. Hayrides traditionally have been held as celebratory activities, usually in connection to celebration of the Autumn harvest.[1]

Contemporary hayrides are often organized commercially, providing an additional source of income for farms or existing on their own as an enfranchised activity during the fall season.[2] During fall, a hayride may feature a stop at a pumpkin patch where passengers can pick a pumpkin or be dropped off to pick apples. Hayrides may also deliver customers to the entrance of a corn maze.

Haunted Hayrides[edit]

Hayrides on Halloween are often dubbed as 'haunted hayrides'. These hayrides sometimes incorporate special effects and actors portraying ghosts, monsters, and other spooky creatures to attract thrill-seekers and capitalize on the Halloween season.[2]


Despite the fact that hayrides are typically regarded as a lighthearted activity, there have been incidents where hayrides have flipped or veered off-road and resulted in injuries or death.[3] Other accidents, such as the Cormier-Village hayride accident, can occur when hayrides collide with other vehicles on or near roads.

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