Beijing–Shanhaiguan Railway

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Beijing–Shanhaiguan Railway
China Railways logo
Type Heavy rail
System China Railways
Status Active
Termini Beijing
Shanhaiguan District
Stations 22
Operator(s) China Railways
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route map
0 km Beijing
to Beijing–Qinhuangdao Railway
Beijing South
to Beijing–Kowloon Railway
Fengtai District
to Beijing–Guangzhou Railway
Fengtai South
to Fengtai–Shacheng Railway
to Beijing–Kowloon Railway
33 km Huangcun
to Beijing–Kowloon Railway
42 km Weishanzhuang
51 km Anding
entering Hebei
74 km Langfang North
entering Tianjin
87 km Luofa
98 km Douzhangzhuang
109 km Yangcun
to Tianjin–Ji County Railway
to Tianjin–Bazhou Railway
124 km Beicang
to Tianjin–Pukou Railway
to Tianjin North Ring Railway
133 km Tianjin North
137 km Tianjin
177 km Tanggu District
to Tanggu Railway
to Tianjin North Ring Railway
202 km Chadian
218 km Lutai
re-entering Hebei
to Qidaoqiao–Luan County Railway
Fengnan District
260 km Tangshan
to Tangshan–Zunhua Railway
274 km Tangshan North
G1 Beijing–Harbin Expressway
to Beijing–Qinhuangdao Railway
to Beijing–Qinhuangdao Railway
328 km Qian'an
Luan River
347 km Lulong County
G1 Beijing–Harbin Expressway
377 km Funing County
to Datong–Qinhuangdao Railway
to Beijing–Qinhuangdao Railway
417 km Longjiaying
425 km Shanhaiguan District
to Shenyang–Shanhaiguan Railway

The Beijing–Shanhaiguan Railway, also known as the Jingshan Line (simplified Chinese: 京山铁路; traditional Chinese: 京山鐵路; pinyin: jīngshān tiělù) or the Jingyu Line (simplified Chinese: 京榆铁路; traditional Chinese: 京榆鐵路; pinyin: jīngyú tiělù) is a branch railway that runs from the capital city of Beijing to the Shanhaiguan District of Qinhuangdao via Tianjin. It contains a total of 22 stations.


The railway passes through the following cities:

Connecting Railways[edit]

In Beijing, the railway leaves Beijing Railway Station and branches off to form other railways, including the Beijing–Kowloon, Beijing–Guangzhou, and Fengtai–Shacheng Railways.

In Tianjin, it intersects with the Tianjin–Ji County Railway, the Tianjin–Bazhou Railway, the Tianjin–Pukou Railway, and the Tianjin North Ring Railway. After it re-enters Hebei Province, the railroad will intersect with the Qidaoqiao–Luan County Railway at Tangshan, as well as the Tangshan–Zunhua Railway. Afterwards, it meets with the Beijing–Qinhuangdao Railway and follows a parallel path until the two finally come together with the Datong–Qinhuangdao Railway at Qinhuangdao.

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