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Kurtz & Friends is an animation studio founded by Bob Kurtz in 1972. Based in Burbank, California, the studio is known for producing films and television commercials. Kurtz & Friends has created/produced animated theatrical titles for most major studios including the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, MGM, Sony Entertainment, Columbia Tri-Star Motion Picture Group and Warner Brothers. Titles include THE PINK PANTHER, ARE WE DONE YET?, FOUR ROOMS, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE and CITY SLICKERS. Kurtz & Friends created the animation for the Emmy-winning special Roman City and Edith Ann’s Christmas which won a Peabody Award. The company also created animated sequences for Carlin On Campus, Jurassic Park and Minority Report. Bob Kurtz is the director on all Kurtz & Friends projects, and sometimes designs and writes as well.


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