Legislative Assembly of El Salvador

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Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador

Asamblea Legislativa de la República de El Salvador
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Norman Quijano, ARENA
since 1 May 2018
Seats84 Deputies
Political groups
Last election
4 March 2018
Meeting place
Salon Azul del Palacio Lgislativo.jpg
San Salvador
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The Legislative Assembly (Spanish: Asamblea Legislativa) is the legislative branch of the government of El Salvador.


The Salvadoran legislature is a unicameral body. It is made up of 84 deputies, all of whom are elected by direct popular vote according to open-list proportional representation to serve three-year terms and are eligible for immediate re-election. Of these, 64 are elected in 14 multi-seat constituencies, corresponding to the country's 14 departments, which return between 3 and 16 deputies each. The remaining 20 deputies are selected on the basis of a single national constituency.

To be eligible for election to the Assembly, candidates must be (Art. 126, Constitution):

  • Older than 25.
  • Salvadoran citizens by birth, born of either a Salvadoran father or a Salvadoran mother.
  • Of recognised honesty and education.
  • Not have had the enjoyment of their rights as citizens cancelled in the previous five years.

Current Standing by Party[edit]

Party / Group Deputies
Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) 35
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) 31
Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA) 11
National Concertation Party (PCN) 6
Christian Democratic Party (PDC) 1
Source: Salvadoran Legislative Assembly

Election results[edit]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Nationalist Republican Alliance 823,198 42.34 37 +5
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front 475,265 24.44 23 –8
Grand Alliance for National Unity 222,548 11.45 10 -1
National Coalition Party 209,576 10.78 8 +4
Christian Democratic Party 61,604 3.17 3 +2
ARENAPCN 24,325 1.25 1 +1
FMLNCD 22,899 1.18 0
PDCPCN 20,808 1.07 0
Salvadoran Patriotic Brotherhood 18,062 0.93 0 New
Democratic Change 17,503 0.90 1 +1
Social Democratic Party 13,717 0.71 0 0
FMLNPSD 11,123 0.57 0
FMLNPSDCD 10,716 0.55 0
Independents 12,998 0.67 1 +1
Invalid/blank votes 178,538
Total 84 0
Registered voters/turnout
Source: TSE, El Salvador

Other parliamentary bodies[edit]

El Salvador also returns 20 deputies to the supranational Central American Parliament, also elected according to closed-list proportional representation from a single national constituency.

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