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The lone Legislative District of Mandaluyong City is the representation of the City of Mandaluyong in the Philippine House of Representatives. From 1907 until 1972, it was represented as part of the first district of Rizal. It was part of the representation of Region IV in the Interim Batasang Pambansa from 1978 to 1984, and was grouped with San Juan as the district of San Juan-Mandaluyong for representation in the Regular Batasang Pambansa from 1984 to 1986 as well as in the restored House of Representatives from 1987 to 1995. Mandaluyong and San Juan were separated and granted their own representations in Congress by virtue of section 49 of Mandaluyong's city charter (Republic Act No. 7675) which was approved on February 9, 1994 and ratified on April 10, 1994.

Lone District[edit]

  • Population (2010): 328,699
Period Representative
10th Congress
Neptali M. Gonzales II
11th Congress
12th Congress
13th Congress
Benjamin D.C. Abalos, Jr.
14th Congress
Neptali M. Gonzales II
15th Congress
16th Congress
17th Congress
Alexandria P. Gonzales

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