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This is a list of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The first section is devoted to free and open-source software, and the second is for proprietary software.

Free and open-source ERP software[edit]

Name Platform technology Software license Description Countries of origin Last stable release date
Adaxa Suite Java GPL Integrated ERP built on Adempiere/iDempiere Australia
Adempiere Java GPL Began as a fork of Compiere Worldwide 2015 (3.8 LTS)
Apache OFBiz Java Apache License 2.0 Business Solutions and Applications Framework from the Apache Software Foundation Worldwide 2014 (12.04.04)
Compiere Java GPL/Commercial Acquired by Consona Corporation in June 2010 USA 2010 (3.3.0)
Dolibarr JavaScript, PHP, MySQL or PostgreSQL GPLv3 Web application (LAMP based system) to manage small and medium companies, foundations or freelancers Worldwide 2016 (3.8.3)
Epesi PHP, MySQL MIT license A framework for building ERP/CRM applications. Business Information Manager. Poland, USA 2015 (1.7.0)
ERP5 Python, JavaScript, Zope, or MySQL GPL Based on unified model for mid to large size organizations Worldwide 2014 (5.5)
ERPNEXT Python, JavaScript, MariaDB GPL ERP for small and medium-size businesses India 2014 (4.1.0)
FrontAccounting PHP, MySQL GPLv3 Web application ? 2014 (2.3.21)
GNU Enterprise Python GPLv3 Tools to develop interactive database applications ? 2010
HeliumV Java AGPL ERP for small and medium-size businesses (initial focus has been electronic manufacturing) Austria, Germany  ?
iDempiere Java GPLv2 OSGI + Adempiere Worldwide 2015 (3.1)
ino erp PHP, JavaScript, MySQL MPL First Dynamic Pull Based ERP System;Designed to provide better Inventory Turn Singapore 2015 (0.3.1)
JFire Java, Eclipse LGPL ERP and CRM system Germany 2011 (1.2.0)
Kuali ERP for higher education institutions USA
LedgerSMB Perl, PostgreSQL GPL Double entry accounting and ERP system (fork of SQL-Ledger) Worldwide 2014 (1.4.7)
Openbravo Java, PostgreSQL, Oracle OBPL1 ERP and Point of Sale (POS) software Spain 2013 (3.0)
Odoo Python, Javascript, PostgreSQL AGPLv3 Renamed from OpenERP to reflect that is more than just ERP Worldwide 2015 (9.0)
Phreedom PHP, Javascript, MySQL GPLv3 Expanded from Phreebooks accounting engine USA 2012 (3.4)
Postbooks C++, JavaScript, PostgreSQL CPAL Accounting, CRM and ERP USA 2014 (4.5.0)
SQL-Ledger Perl, PostgreSQL GPL Double entry accounting and ERP system Canada 2014 (3.0.6)
Tryton Python, GTK+ GPLv3 Originally forked from TinyERP, cleaned-up code base with continuous update/migration path ? 2015 (3.8)
WebERP PHP, MySQL GPLv2 LAMP-based system ? 2015 (4.12.2)

Proprietary ERP vendors and software[edit]

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