List of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episodes (2009)

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2009 episodes)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 172
Original network NBC
Season chronology
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List of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episodes

This is the list of episodes for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2009.



No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
March 2, 2009 Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter Van Morrison ("Sweet Thing")
Cold opening with Conan O'Brien, Slow Jam the News, Target Demographics: Blonde Mothers from Connecticut, Lick It for Ten, Space Train - Robert De Niro
March 3, 2009 Tina Fey, Jon Bon Jovi Santigold ("Shove It")
Facebook Status Updates, Jimmy & Mayor Bloomberg at 108, Rejected Chair, IVOD
March 4, 2009 Cameron Diaz, Billy Crudup Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ("Statues")
Bromance Novels, Save The Bankers, Beef Solvers, Jimmy and Cameron Dance-Off
March 5, 2009 Donald Trump, Serena Williams Ludacris ("Last of a Dying Breed"/"I Do It for Hip-Hop")
Flashback, Trump-Trump's Putt-Putt, President of the Audience, Beer Pong: Jimmy vs. Serena
March 6, 2009 Drew Barrymore, Chace Crawford Mario Batali
Who Cares Hindenburg, 7th Floor West - Episode 1, Lick It for Ten Celebrity Edition: Drew Barrymore
March 9, 2009 Amanda Peet, Rose Byrne Joshua Topolsky
Magazine Mash-Up, Amanda Atmosphere, Gadsden Purchase Guy, Gadget Demo
March 10, 2009 Emily Blunt, Michael Stipe Pussycat Dolls ("Jai Ho")
Wozniak Dancers, Wheel of Carpet Samples, Man on the Street
March 11, 2009 Russell Brand, Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht The Virgins ("One Week of Danger")
Bernie's Bucket List, Demon PA, Letters Home, Diggnation Twitter Stunt
March 12, 2009 Brian Williams, Malin Åkerman Glen Hansard ("Hairshirt")
Jimmy Cam, Roots and The Audience, Scumbag Animals, Briant Brinkman Interview
March 13, 2009 Tracy Morgan, Jarod Miller Trace Adkins ("Marry for Money")
Shared Experiences, Basketball Overtime
March 16, 2009 Gary Sinise, Colin Hanks Public Enemy ("Bring the Noise")
Chattanooga Tournament, Spoiler Alert, Audience Member Interview
March 17, 2009 Bill Paxton, Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian The Ting Tings ("That's Not My Name")
Go Chattanooga Go, Guinness Brewmaster with Kegerator, Jimmy at the Bar
March 18, 2009 Clive Owen, Paul Teutul, Sr. Vampire Weekend ("White Sky")
Chattanooga Skype and Pep Rally, Grad Students Spring Break
March 19, 2009 Jaime Pressly, Steve Ward Eric Church ("It Ain't Killed Me Yet")
Slow Jam the News, 7th Floor West - Episode 2, Chattanooga Results
March 20, 2009 Jason Segel, The Amazing Kreskin Universal Record Database
iPhone Apps, Chattanooga Wrap-Up, Statler & Waldorf (Muppets), Universal Record Attempts, Jimmy's Record Attempt
March 23, 2009 Regis Philbin, Kat Von D, Jon Glaser Morrissey ("Black Cloud")
Let's Get Quizzical, Target Demographics: Jersey Shore D-Bags
March 24, 2009 Rachel Maddow, John Cena, Anthony Jeselnik Gabriella Cilmi ("Sweet About Me")
iPod Playlists, Who Cares Hindenburg, "John Cena's Newest Movies", Rachel Maddow mixes a drink
March 25, 2009 Mike Myers, Anna Kournikova The All-American Rejects ("Gives You Hell")
Obama Look Counter, Local Markets, Rand Vendor, Beer Pong: Jimmy vs. Anna
March 26, 2009 Ray Liotta, Cheryl Hines John Rich ("Shuttin' Detroit Down")
Putin Photoshop, Redneck Tech, Jimmy's Bully
March 27, 2009 Ted Danson, Fred Armisen N.E.R.D ("Soldier")
MeowMe Ink, Saved By The Bell, Beef Solvers
March 30, 2009 Bill Hader, Emma Roberts Glasvegas ("Geraldine")
GM Basketball Rejection, Osboune Identity, Lick It For Ten
March 31, 2009 Glenn Close, Kristen Wiig Gomez ("Airstream Driver")
Facebook Status, Roots Audience Songs Vol.2


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
April 1, 2009 Noah Wyle, Stevie Nicks Nick Thune
Volcano Sacrifice, The Lingerer
April 2, 2009 Seth Rogen, Leighton Meester Dr. Dog ("The Ark")
Shared Experiences, People Impressions, Turbo Tax (Live Commercial)
April 3, 2009 Lauren Graham, Judah Friedlander Cold War Kids ("Relief")
Cirque du Soleil, Noncompetitive Eaters, Saved By The Bell Reunion Update
April 13, 2009 Denis Leary, Jill Hennessy Sara Watkins & John Paul Jones ("Long Hot Summer Days")
Questionable Tax Write-Offs, Pie Sniffer, Air Hockey: Jimmy vs. Denis Leary
April 14, 2009 Tom Brokaw, Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim Akon ("Be With You")
7th Floor West - Episode 3, Cell Phone Shootout
April 15, 2009 Ice-T, Elmo, Morgan Webb Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Heads Will Roll")
Letters Home
April 16, 2009 Rachel McAdams, Michael Emerson, Matthew Stafford Solange ("T.O.N.Y.")
Slow Jam the News: North Korea, Alien Domestic Dispute, Michael Emerson reads Little Boy Blue
April 17, 2009 Matthew Perry, Adam Goldberg Plain White T's ("1, 2, 3, 4")
Susan Boyle Reaction, President of the Audience
April 20, 2009 Terrence Howard, Rashida Jones Rick Ross ("Magnificent")
Obama Facial Expressions, Ref Fan
April 21, 2009 Jerry O'Connell, Thomas Lennon Chester French ("She Loves Everybody")
Target Demographic: Indian Doctors, Lick It For Ten
April 22, 2009 Seth Meyers, Michelle Trachtenberg Mike Spinner
Earth Day Murders, Freestylin' With The Roots, Seth and Josh Meyers "Brother Trivia", BMX Bike Tricks
April 23, 2009 Ali Larter, Anthony Anderson Tinted Windows ("Kind of A Girl")
Local Market Promos, Beef Solvers
April 24, 2009 Neil Patrick Harris, Emily Deschanel, Larry Fitzgerald Reggie Watts
Saved By The Bell Reunion Update, Operation Game


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
May 4, 2009 Jennifer Aniston, Donald Faison Adele ("Hometown Glory")
Bad Calenders, Cell Phone Shootout, Grapefruit Bowling
May 5, 2009 J. J. Abrams, Colin Quinn Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings ("I'm Not Gonna Cry")
Bobbing for Tamiflu, Flashback Guy Returns
May 6, 2009 Amy Poehler, Diego Luna & Gael García Bernal The National ("So Far Around The Bend")
O and Joe, Downstairs Neighbors, Local News
May 7, 2009 Martha Stewart, Mike Epps Ben Harper & Relentless7 ("Number with No Name")
Slow Jam the News, Beaming into the Studio, Martha Stewart Craft Demo
May 8, 2009 Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy, Joan Rivers Rachael Ray
Bridge Acting with Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy, iPod Playlists, Cooking Demo: Rachael Ray
May 11, 2009 Susan Sarandon, Randy Jackson Soulja Boy Tell 'Em ("Turn My Swag On")
GM's New Cars, Animals With Fake Arms, Jimmy's Degree, Jimmy Hangs Diploma, Randy Jackson "Midnight Special"
May 12, 2009 Andy Samberg, Jorge Garcia The Lonely Island (I'm On a Boat)
Trump 108, Jimmy Fallon Dance Challenge
May 13, 2009 Jane Krakowski, Jeff Probst, Beat Freaks Bo Burnham
Freestylin' With The Roots, Rollerskating With Jane Krakowski
May 14, 2009 Maya Rudolph, Damon Wayans, Jr., Mindy Kaling Asher Roth ("Be By Myself")
Lawst, Shared Experiences
May 15, 2009 Shawn & Marlon Wayans, Steve Kroft Yusuf ("Father and Son")
Tu-Spock, Facebook Status, Shawn & Marlon Wayans "Brother Trivia"
May 18, 2009 Simon Baker, Carla Gugino Method Man & Redman ("A-Yo")
TV Show Mashups, Indy Driver Milk Chugging Contest, Beef Solvers, Surfing Simulater with Simon Baker
May 19, 2009 Matt Lauer, Mary McCormack, Dana White Iron & Wine ("Godless Brother In Love")
Who Cares Hindenburg, Lick It for Ten, Matt Lauer and the Deer
May 20, 2009 Jim Cramer, Bryce Dallas Howard Dierks Bentley ("Sideways")
College Photos, Lesser-Known Animals, Target Demographics: Models
May 21, 2009 Kiefer Sutherland, Ivanka Trump Billy Boy On Poison ("On My Way")
iPhone Apps, Air Drums, Beer Pong: Jimmy vs. Ivanka
May 22, 2009 Keith Olbermann, Sig Hansen Chrisette Michele ("Epiphany")
Terminator Eye, Dance Challenge Final Update, Deep Sea Fishing with Sig Hansen
May 25, 2009 Beastie Boys, The Amazing Kreskin David Cook ("Come Back to Me")
Smooth Operators, The Amazing Kreskin Demo
May 26, 2009 Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Baldwin Keane ("Again and Again")
Head Swap, Obama Facial Expressions
May 27, 2009 Brooke Shields, Kris Allen, Chris Hardwick The-Dream ("Walkin' on the Moon")
Jimmy Fallon Dance Challenge Winner, Hot Dog In The Hole: World Leaders Edition
May 28, 2009 Jack McBrayer, Janeane Garofalo Rodney Atkins ("15 Minutes")
Dance Challenge Pay-Off, Too Many Social Networks
May 29, 2009 Justin Long, Tony Hawk Nacho Figueras
Take A Knee, Spelling Bee Pep Talk, Freestylin' With The Roots, Tony Hawk Skateboard Stunt, Jimmy & Justin Say Goodbye


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
June 1, 2009 Anne Hathaway, Will Forte, Jon Favreau Mario Batali
Slow Jam The News: California Economy, 7th Floor West - Episode 4, Will Forte sings his own Late Night with Jimmy Fallon theme song
June 2, 2009 Steve Martin, Vanessa Williams, Paul Simon Paul Simon ("Late in the Evening")
Celebrity Impressions, Steve Martin's Party Photos, Steve Martin & Paul Simon
June 3, 2009 Danny McBride, Sean Riley Dave Matthews Band ("Funny the Way It Is" and "Why I Am")
Airbrushing The News, Dave Matthews GPS, National Fist Bump Day
June 4, 2009 Jessica Biel, Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis Doves ("The Outsiders")
Old Ladies Under The Stairs, Jason Sudeikis' E3 Footage
June 5, 2009 Bradley Cooper, Denise Richards Mandy Moore ("I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week")
Wheel of Carpet Samples, Real Names Real Jobs
June 8, 2009 Kelly Ripa, Mark-Paul Gosselaar Amadou & Mariam ("Africa")
Saved By The Bell Reunion Update, 7th Floor West - Episode 5, iPhone Warm-Up, Lick It For Ten: Kelly Ripa
June 9, 2009 Will Ferrell, Kyra Sedgwick Mos Def ("Casa Bey")
Beef Solvers: Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, Let Us Play with Your Look, Will Ferrell Intense Interview
June 10, 2009 John Krasinski, Stephen Moyer, Kudo Tsunoda Manchester Orchestra ("I've Got Friends")
Target Demo: Balds, Cell Phone Shootout, Project Natal Demo
June 11, 2009 Betty White, Opie and Anthony (from Opie and Anthony) Martha Wainwright ("C'est toujours la même histoire")
Local Market Promos, Hot Dog In A Hole, Beer Pong: Jimmy vs. Betty White
June 12, 2009 Mary J. Blige, Harold Ramis Jarod Miller
Jimmy's Failed Sitcoms, Do The Right Bing, Jarod Miller's Animals
June 15, 2009 Matthew Broderick, Sean Avery, Spencer and Heidi Pratt Jason Aldean ("She's Country")
7th Floor West - Episode 6, Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off
June 16, 2009 Horatio Sanz, Selena Gomez Hank Williams, Jr. ("Red, White & Pink-Slip Blues")
"Horacio", Air Drum Contest
June 17, 2009 Al Roker, Gary Vaynerchuk, Joshua Topolsky Street Sweeper Social Club ("100 Little Curses")
Obama Fly Swat/Karate Kid, Lick It for Ten, Al Roker Weather Demo, iPhone 3 Demo
June 18, 2009 Ryan Reynolds, Lauren Conrad The Fray ("Never Say Never")
iPhone Apps, Rush Limbaugh Karaoke, Beer Shuffleboard: Jimmy vs. Ryan Reynolds
June 19, 2009 Jeff Goldblum, Mike Birbiglia Tamra Davis
Audience Endorsement, Goldblum Endorsement, Obama expressions, Who Cares Hindenburg
June 22, 2009 John Leguizamo, Nick Cannon Sonic Youth ("No Way")
7th Floor West - Episode 7, Freestylin' with the Roots
June 23, 2009 Abigail Breslin, James Purefoy, Blake Griffin The BPA featuring Iggy Pop ("He's Frank")
Celebrity Game Pitch, Head Swap Vol.II, Slam Dunk Contest
June 24, 2009 Richard Branson, Dwight Howard, Neil deGrasse Tyson The Roots ("How I Got Over")
Sketch Endings, Jimmy's Businessman Dunk
June 25, 2009 Tiger Woods, Evan Rachel Wood Dinosaur Jr. ("Pieces")
Slow Jam the News: Healthcare, Real Animals Fake Arms, Rejected Transformers Catchphrases, Tiger Woods Wii Golf Game
June 26, 2009 Cameron Diaz, Universal Record Database Grizzly Bear ("Cheerleader")
Celebrity Fireworks, Mark Sanford Karaoke, Questlove Afro Pick Record, Cameron Diaz Intense Interview


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
July 13, 2009 Dylan McDermott, Wendy Williams Sam Talbot
7th Floor West - Episode 8, Cell Phone Shootout
July 14, 2009 Seann William Scott, Keyshawn Johnson Daniel Merriweather featuring Wale ("Change")
Letters Home, Extreme Audience Makeunder
July 15, 2009 Kevin Connolly, Alexa Chung Aimee Mann ("Freeway")
Shared Experiences
July 16, 2009 Lauren Graham, Bill Engvall Jonas Brothers ("Paranoid")
Robert Pattinson vs. Daniel Radcliffe, Lick It for Ten
July 17, 2009 Anna Paquin, Mancow Muller The Dead Weather ("Treat Me Like Your Mother")
People's Impressions, Do The Right Bing
July 20, 2009 Will Arnett, Emmanuelle Chriqui Tom Jones ("Never")
7th Floor West - Episode 9, iPhone Apps
July 21, 2009 Alec Baldwin, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter Jordin Sparks ("Battlefield")
Let Us Play with Your Look, Beef Solvers
July 22, 2009 Fred Armisen, The Mighty Boosh Flo Rida ("Jump")
Obama Facial Expressions, Hot Dog In A Hole
July 23, 2009 Kevin Nealon, Demi Lovato Jeff Musial
Facebook Status Updates, Real Animals, Fake Arms
July 24, 2009 Bob Saget, Anthony Mackie John Mulaney
Thank You Notes, HR3200 Infomercial, Bob Saget Driving PSA
July 27, 2009 Holly Hunter, Mark Seliger Spinal Tap ("Back From The Dead")
Jimmy at Comic-Con, 7th Floor West - Episode 10
July 28, 2009 Sean Combs, Marissa Jaret Winokur Tom Colicchio
Slow Jam The News, Bromance Novels
July 29, 2009 Leslie Mann, Michael Lang Passion Pit ("The Reeling")
Head Swap, Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off
July 30, 2009 Ashley Tisdale, Tim Meadows Jarvis Cocker ("Further Complications")
Toppy The Topical Newspaper, Air Drum Contest
July 31, 2009 Adam Sandler Jimmy Buffett ("Margaritaville")
Rush Limbaugh Karaoke, Thank You Notes


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
August 3, 2009 Marlon Wayans, Judd Apatow Incubus ("Let's Go Crazy"/"Love Hurts")
7th Floor West - Episode 11, Watermelon Seed Spitting Competition
August 4, 2009 Channing Tatum, Joan Rivers Arctic Monkeys ("Crying Lightning")
Late Night Timeline, Freestylin' With The Roots
August 5, 2009 Chris Kattan, Joe Scarborough Hannibal Buress
Jimmy's Failed Sitcoms, Intern Contest Kick-Off, Take a Knee, Paula Abdul
August 6, 2009 Jeremy Piven, Charlyne Yi Melanie Fiona
Robert Is Bothered, Wheel Of Carpet Samples
August 7, 2009 Paul Giamatti, Ken Jeong Julian Plenti
Thank You Notes, Do The Right Bing
August 10, 2009 Eric Bana, Jordana Spiro, Jeanine Mason Fall Out Boy ("What a Catch, Donnie")
7th Floor West - Episode 12, Real Housewives Of Late Night Preview
August 11, 2009 Ashton Kutcher, Triple H Bat for Lashes ("Daniel")
Thought Bubbles, Cell Phone Shootout
August 12, 2009 Jon Hamm, Hugh Dancy Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Health Care Town Hall - Warm Up, Letters Home
August 13, 2009 Seth Green, Tim Gunn Avenue Q
Ipod Playlist, Empty Your Pockets
August 14, 2009 Tracy Morgan Neal Brennan
100th Show Bet With Robert De Niro, Thank You Notes, Dance Challenge - Jimmy Fallon Dip
August 31, 2009 Rachel Maddow, Tommy Davidson Jet
U.S. Open Ball Boy Tryouts, Freestylin' With The Roots, Mixing Drinks with Rachel Maddow


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
September 1, 2009 Joan Allen, Rob Zombie Michael Franti
Obama Facial Expressions, John Madden Karaoke
September 2, 2009 John Leguizamo, Jeff Musial, Dr. Oz Smokey Robinson
Lick It For $10 - Football Edition
September 3, 2009 Jason Bateman, Ashlee Simpson Shadows Fall
TV Show Mash-Ups, Intern Contest Check-In, Who Cares Hindenburg
September 4, 2009 Bob Costas, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Pet Shop Boys
Thank You Notes, Think About It
September 8, 2009 Elijah Wood, Taraji P. Henson John Fogerty
Robert Is Bothered, Beef Solvers, Beatles Rock Band: Derby
September 9, 2009 Ed Westwick, Queen Latifah Queen Latifah
Late Night Timelines, Cell Phone Shootout
September 10, 2009 Tyler Perry, Amber Tamblyn Mario Batali
Dance Your Hat And Gloves Off, You Lie
September 11, 2009 Russell Brand, Kaitlin Olson George Jones
Thank You Notes, Do The Right Bing
September 14, 2009 John McCain, Miranda Cosgrove Rufus Wainwright
Slow Jam The News, Real Housewives Of Late Night - Episode 1
September 15, 2009 Anna Faris, Alan Cumming Ghostface Killah featuring Raheem DeVaughn
iPhone Apps, Product Placement Preacher, Space Train - Anna Faris
September 16, 2009 Charlize Theron, David Boreanaz Q-Tip
New College Courses, Shock Absorbers, Beer Pong: Jimmy Vs. Charlize Theron
September 17, 2009 Dennis Quaid, Elisabeth Moss Megadeth
?uestions, Facebook Status Updates
September 18, 2009 Danny DeVito, James Blake Keri Hilson
Thank You Notes, Intern Contest Reveal
September 21, 2009 Clive Owen, Joanna Garcia Living Colour
Audience Orientation Video, Empty Your Pockets
September 22, 2009 Seth Meyers Chris Paul
Head Swap, Ultimate Mustache Fighting, Seth and Josh Meyers "Brother Trivia", Elevator Dodgeball - Fallon & Paul Vs. Meyers Brothers
September 23, 2009 Amy Poehler, Dan Fogler Parkour Athletes, Wayne Federman
Flashback Guy #3, Poehler Stroller Derby
September 24, 2009 Megan Fox, Anthony Anderson, Nick Swisher Phoenix
New Reality Shows, Target Demo - 5th Year Seniors
September 25, 2009 Julianna Margulies, Kevin Smith Michael Schlow
Thank You Notes, Wheel Of Carpet Samples, Charades with Julianna Margulies
September 28, 2009 David Duchovny, Kimbo Slice Dirty Projectors
Slice Brothers Breakaway Furniture, Freestylin' With The Roots
September 29, 2009 Usain Bolt, Jude Law, Felicia Day Sunny Day Real Estate
Hot Dog In A Hole - Full House Edition
September 30, 2009 Jack McBrayer, Amy Brenneman, Jeff Musial Owen Benjamin
Who Cares Hindenberg


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
October 1, 2009 Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone Miranda Lambert
Real Housewives Of Late Night - Episode 2, Shuffleboard Game with Ryan Reynolds
October 2, 2009 Drew Barrymore, Tim Schafer The Ettes
Thank You Notes
October 5, 2009 Kristen Wiig, David Wells Christopher Cross
Shared Experiences, Yacht Rock, Foam Noodles with Kristen Wiig
October 6, 2009 Peter Sarsgaard, Lewis Black They Might Be Giants
Obama Facial Expressions, Lick It For $10
October 7, 2009 Chevy Chase, Eliza Dushku Lenny Kravitz
Letters Home
October 8, 2009 Christopher Meloni, Eve Alton Brown
Dance Your Hat & Gloves Off, Brawl on the Mall, Three-Point Shootout with Christopher Meloni
October 9, 2009 Martin Short, Jeff Lewis Cory Chisel
Thank You Notes, I Bet You Didn't Think That Would Happen
October 12, 2009 Kathie Lee Gifford, Penn Badgley Love and Theft
Billy Ray Cyrus Twitter Video, Kirk's Columbus Day Song, Name That Tune with Kathie Lee Gifford
October 13, 2009 Andy Samberg, Greg Proops, Jim Botsacos N/A
Slow Jam The News, Empty Your Pockets
October 14, 2009 Monty Python (John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, and Terry Jones) Eric Idle ("Always Look on the Bright Side of Life")
Wheel of Carpet Samples
October 15, 2009 Gerard Butler, Ivanka Trump Hockey
Real Housewives Of Late Night - Episode 3, Intern Jason - Trading, Beer Pong - Ivanka Trump
October 16, 2009 Eddie Izzard, Gina Gershon Amy Schumer
Thank You Notes, Brannock Foot-Measuring Device, Unicycle with Eddie Izzard
October 26, 2009 Willem Dafoe, Tim Gunn Har Mar Superstar ("Tall Boy")
New Velvet Elvises, Freestylin' With The Roots
October 27, 2009 Artie Lange, Olivia Munn David Chang
Cellphone Shootout, ?uestions, Ping Pong with Olivia Munn
October 28, 2009 Edward Norton, Hulk Hogan "Weird Al" Yankovic ("CNR")
Halloween Lamp, Ultimate Mustache Fighter - Stache Bash II Stubble Trubble
October 29, 2009 Carrie Fisher, Sam Rockwell Mastodon
Robert Is Bothered, Think About It
October 30, 2009 Wanda Sykes, Josh Charles, The Amazing Kreskin Andrew Bird
Thank You Notes


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
November 2, 2009 Taylor Swift, Scott Wolf, Joshua Topolsky Say Anything
Who Cares Hindenburg, Lonely Pumpkin
November 3, 2009 Jason Sudeikis, Matt Bomer Reba McEntire
Kirk's Election Day Song, Dance Your Hat & Gloves Off, Three-Point Shootout with Jason Sudeikis
November 4, 2009 Cameron Diaz, Shaun White Monsters of Folk
Obama Expressions, Charades With Cameron Diaz, Shaun White Wii Snowboarding Demo
November 5, 2009 Ian McKellen, Paula Patton Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon
Joba Chamberlin Plays with The Roots, The Real Housewives Of Late Night - Episode 4, Butt Weight
November 6, 2009 Rosie O'Donnell, Ian Somerhalder, Joshua Topolsky DJ Jazzy Jeff
Thank You Notes, Product Placement Preacher
November 9, 2009 Laurence Fishburne, Elmo, Rosita N/A
Shout Outs, Rush Limbaugh Karaoke
November 10, 2009 Jeff Musial, January Jones, Troy Polamalu, Olubowale Folarin Wale
Hot Dog In A Hole - Twilight Edition, Troy Polamalu Tackling Demo with January Jones, Beer Pong - January Jones
November 11, 2009 Jason Schwartzman, Joan Cusack Carly Simon
Rejected Call Of Duty Characters, Celebrity Man Boobs
November 12, 2009 Kate Walsh, Penn & Teller Goodie Mob
Slow Jam The News, iPhone Apps, Penn & Teller Magic Trick
November 13, 2009 Amanda Peet, Steven Ward Kid Sister ("Right Hand Hi")
Thank You Notes, I Bet You Didn't Think That Would Happen
November 16, 2009 Tim McGraw, Anna Torv Josh Capon
Politicians About To Kiss, Audience iPod Playlist
November 17, 2009 Shakira, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong Neko Case
Sarah Palin's Going Rogue: Goes Rogue, Shock Absorbers - New York Giants, Cheech & Chong - Song
November 18, 2009 Kristen Stewart, Jamie Kennedy Avett Brothers
Late Night Green Night Eco-Jam, Wheel of Carpet Samples, Kristen Stewart Football Throws
November 19, 2009 Taylor Lautner, Katey Sagal Obits
Robert Is Bothered, Ultimate Mustache Fighter 3 - Brimley Vs. Shalit, Taylor Lautner Mini-Bike Race
November 20, 2009 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Elvis Costello
Thank You Notes, The Real Housewives of Late Night - Episode 5, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Laser Duel
November 23, 2009 Blake Lively, Tommy Lee Ilo Ferreira
Letters Home, Neil Young Sings Fresh Prince
November 24, 2009 Claire Danes, Chad Ocho Cinco The Pixies
Who Cares Hindenburg, Cell Phone Shootout, Late Night End Zone Celebrations with Chad Ochocinco
November 25, 2009 Seth Green, Padma Lakshmi Mos Def, Talib Kweli
Post-Apocalyptic Andy Rooney, Lick It For $10 - Thanksgiving Edition
November 26, 2009 Robin Williams, Rashida Jones N/A
Thank You Notes, I Love Stuffing Song - Rashida Jones, "Holiday Road" performed with Rashida Jones, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots
November 27, 2009 Fred Armisen, Carey Mulligan, Daniel Boulud N/A
Freestylin' With The Roots, Drum Impressions with Fred Armisen, Late Night Charades with Fred Armisen, Elizabeth Moss & Amy Poehler


No. Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
December 7, 2009 Jason Bateman, 50 Cent, Meghan Rickey, Cheyne Whitney 50 Cent
Shoutouts, Jimmy Learns To Luge
December 8, 2009 Rachel Maddow, Tom Ford Jawbox
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 12, Jimmy's "Avatar" Catchphrases
December 9, 2009 Bon Jovi, Susie Essman Bon Jovi
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 11, Pep Talk - Tiger Woods, Rush Limbaugh Karaoke
December 10, 2009 Julianne Moore, David Alan Grier Blakroc
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 10, Real Housewives Of Late Night - Episode 6
December 11, 2009 Mary Steenburgen, Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 9, Thank You Notes, Think About It, Snoop Dogg reads Dr. Seuss
December 14, 2009 Kate Hudson, Giovanni Ribisi Chevelle
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 8, Late Night Timeline, Letters To Santa, Beer Pong - Kate Hudson
December 15, 2009 Marion Cotillard, Jason Reitman Anne Burrell
Slow Jam The News, 12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 7, Jewey Fallon
December 16, 2009 Jeff Musial, Sarah Jessica Parker, Deepak Chopra Raekwon
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 6, Gift Wrapping Guide
December 17, 2009 Paul Shaffer, Chris Jericho Boyz II Men
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 5, Product Placement Preacher, Dance Your Hat And Gloves Off: Christmas Edition
December 18, 2009 Jude Law, Abby Elliott, Joshua Topolsky Ronnie Spector
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 4, Thank You Notes, Sherlock Holmes Screen Test
December 21, 2009 Martha Stewart, Jeffrey Ross Julian Casablancas
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 3, Freestylin' with The Roots
December 22, 2009 Tom Arnold, Hannah Teter Michael McDonald
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 2, Jimmy's Christmas Song - Drunk On Christmas, Real Housewives Of Late Night - Bonus Footage
December 23, 2009 Joy Behar, Jonny Lee Miller, The Muppets N/A
12 Days Of Christmas Sweaters Day 1, Real Housewives Of Late Night - Episode 7


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