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This is a list of boycotts.


Time frame Participants Target Cause Main article References
March 1769 Philadelphia merchants
First Continental Congress
Great Britain Opposition to colonial taxation without representation Continental Association
1848 Milan Austria Austrian state monopolies Five Days of Milan
1880 Irish Land League Charles Boycott Desired land reform in Ireland [citation needed]
1891 Iranian Shia United Kingdom The Shah's granting of a tobacco monopoly to Britain Tobacco Protest
1891-1950 Australian unionists and local residents Local publicans and hotels around Australia Poor wages and conditions for staff in hotels and the high cost of alcohol, accommodation and food [1]
1904–1906 China United States The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1902, an extension of the original Act of 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act [2][3]
1912 Tunisia Compagnie des tramways de Tunis, all Italian businesses in Tunis Young Tunisians Tunis Tram Boycott
1919 China Japan May Fourth Movement Chinese boycotts of Japanese products
March 1933 American Jewish Congress
International critics of Nazism
Nazi Germany Antisemitism in Nazi Germany Anti-Nazi boycott of 1933
April 1933 Nazi Germany German Jews Anti-Nazi boycotts Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses
1941–1951 Iraq Iraqi Jews Farhud [4]
Mohandas Gandhi
Indian independence movement
British Raj Desired economic independence for India Swadeshi movement
1955–1968 African Americans Various Racial segregation in the United States Civil Rights Movement
Montgomery bus boycott
1961–1983 West Berlin Berlin S-Bahn East German operation of the S-Bahn Berlin S-Bahn#Cold War
United Farm Workers Grapes and lettuce in retail grocery stores Labor disputes Delano grape strike
1960s–1990 Various academics South African universities Apartheid Academic boycott of South Africa
Various South African produce Apartheid [citation needed]
1966–1987 Various Coors Brewing Company Anti-LGBT hiring practices

Discrimination towards minorities and women


Coors strike and boycott [5]
1984–1993 INFACT General Electric Production and promotion of nuclear weapons Corporate Accountability International
1988-1994 Australian Rainforest Action Groups Companies importing rainforest timber from Malaysia to Australia Prevention of the destruction of Indigenous owned rainforests [6]
1989–1998 Rainforest Action Network Mitsubishi Rainforest destruction through its forestry activities Boycott Mitsubishi Campaign [7]
1991–1998 Friends of the Lubicon Daishowa Proposed logging of Lubicon Cree territory [8]
1996 CDU/CSU Mission: Impossible


Chick Corea

Association of Corea, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta with Scientology, which is not legally recognized in Germany [9]
1990s–2000 Andrew Vachss Thailand Prostitution of children in Thailand Don't! Buy! Thai!
1998–2003 American gun owners Colt
Smith & Wesson
Colt and Smith & Wesson's cooperation with Bill Clinton's gun control efforts [10]
2001–2002 Greenpeace
Friends of the Earth
People & Planet
Esso/ExxonMobil Esso's climate change denial and lack of investment in renewable energy Stop Esso campaign
2003 US conservatives Various celebrities Celebrity opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq FireHollywood
2005 Association of University Teachers Bar-Ilan University
University of Haifa
Bar-Ilan's operations in the West Bank
Haifa's discipline of a lecturer
Association of University Teachers#Boycott of Israeli universities 2005
2005-2006 Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd Nissui Company, Sealord Tuna, Gorton’s Seafood Involvement of parent company in whaling [11]
2005–2013 International Labor Rights Fund and others Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Forced labour and child labour on rubber plantations in Liberia Firestone Natural Rubber Company [12][13]
1 May 2006 Illegal immigrants in the United States US businesses and schools US immigration policy Great American Boycott
2008 German labor unions Nokia Nokia's closing of a German plant [14]
2008 Stonewall Heinz Heinz's pulling of a commercial featuring two men kissing [15]
2009 Various countries Durban Review Conference Scope of the conference Durban Review Conference#Boycotts
2010 Various BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill Reactions to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill#Public reaction
2010 Various Arizona Racial profiling law [16]
2013-2020 Numerous Australian banks, universities and local governments Divestment from fossil fuels [17]
2019 Residents of Louisiana National Football League
CBS Sports
Negligence in rules enforcement that kept the New Orleans Saints out of Super Bowl LIII 2018–19 NFL playoffs#Conference Championships [18]


Certain countries have declined to participate in international sporting events to protest the host nation's policies or actions.

Event Participants Host nation Cause Main article References
1936 Summer Olympics Athletes from 22 nations  Nazi Germany German fascism and Nazism People's Olympiad
1938 FIFA World Cup Various South American nations  France Selection of a second successive World Cup in Europe [citation needed]
1939 International University Games (Vienna) Confédération Internationale des Étudiants  Nazi Germany German annexation of Austria
1956 Summer Olympics Cambodia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, China  Australia Suez Crisis

the presence of the Soviet Union after the Hungarian Revolution

the presence of Taiwan

[citation needed]
1964 Summer Olympics China, North Korea, Indonesia  Japan Withdrew over support of GANEFO
1966 FIFA World Cup 31 Confederation of Africa Football nations  United Kingdom Play-off qualifications

Readmission of apartheid South Africa

1974 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA–CONMEBOL play-off) Soviet Union  Chile 1973 Chilean coup d'état
1976 Summer Olympics Various African nations  Canada Participation of New Zealand, which had sporting contact with apartheid South Africa Sporting boycott of South Africa during the Apartheid era
1980 Summer Olympics United States
Various nations
 Soviet Union Soviet–Afghan War 1980 Summer Olympics boycott
1984 Summer Olympics Warsaw Pact states (except Romania)
 United States 1980 Summer Olympics boycott 1984 Summer Olympics boycott
Friendship Games
1986 Commonwealth Games 32 Afro-Asian nations and 10 Caribbean nations  United Kingdom The Thatcher Government's attitude towards sporting links with South Africa Sporting boycott of South Africa during the Apartheid era
1988 Summer Olympics North Korea
Albania, Cuba, Madagascar, Seychelles
 South Korea Korean conflict [citation needed]
1995 South Pacific Games Western Samoa, American Samoa, Nauru, Niue  French Polynesia French nuclear weapons testing in Mururoa
2017–18 Biathlon World Cup – Stage 9 United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Ukraine  Russia Russian doping scandal

Russo-Ukrainian War


Initiation Participants Target Cause Main article References
1949 Arab League Israel Partition of Palestine Arab League boycott of Israel
1977 Various Nestlé Nestlé's promotion of infant formula over breast milk in developing countries Nestlé boycott [19]
1989 Liverpudlians The Sun The Sun's coverage of the Hillsborough disaster [20][21][failed verification][22][failed verification][23][24]
2003 Numerous union organizations including SINALTRAINAL Coca-Cola Company Anti-union violence in Colombia and environmental degradation in India Criticism of Coca-Cola [25][26]
2005 Various Human Rights and anti-occupation activists Israel Israeli–Palestinian conflict Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
2005 Various Muslims worldwide Denmark Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy Economic and social consequences of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy [27]
2008 Opponents of California Proposition 8 Supporters of California Proposition 8 and Utah LDS Church support for Proposition 8 Protests against Proposition 8 supporters [28]
2008 Center for Biological Diversity Bluefin Tuna fishing Overfishing of Bluefin Tuna, leading to their status as an endangered species. [29]
2009 LGBT groups The Salvation Army The Salvation Army's opposition to homosexuality [30]
2010 Canvass for a Cause
Other LGBT groups
Target Corporation Target's donations to Tom Emmer [31][32][33][34]
2010 LGBT groups Best Buy Best Buy's donations to Tom Emmer [34]
2010 Boycott BP BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill Reactions to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill [35]
2011 LGBT groups Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A's CEO's support of politicians who oppose same-sex marriage Chick-fil-A same-sex marriage controversy [36]
2012 PETA Air France Air France is the only major airline that continues to ship monkeys to laboratories for experimentation. [37]
2013 Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa and various others Chevron Corporation Failure to adequately clean up widespread oil pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon from its former Texaco operations Lago Agrio oil field [38]


2013 Survival International Botswana Eviction of indigenous San people from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Ancestral land conflict in Botswana [40]
2013 International Labor Rights Forum Theo Chocolate Not living up to "fair trade" label because of proven union busting [41][42]
2013 Palestinians living in the United States Syria, Iran Syria and Iran's dismal treatment of Palestinians [43]
2013-2014 LGBT groups Russia, Stolichnaya vodka, 2014 Winter Olympics Russia's anti-LGBT policies [44]
2014 Citizens of Washington, D.C. Tourism to Maryland's 1st congressional district, Eastern Shore of Maryland Interference in District of Columbia home rule Boycott of Maryland's 1st congressional district
2015 Ethical Consumer Amazon Tax avoidance, poor treatment of workers, anti-competitive practices. Criticism of Amazon [45]
2016 American Family Association Target Corporation Mixed sex bathrooms and changing areas [46]
2016 Various Corporations backing Donald Trump Free and fair elections; policies and rhetoric of Donald Trump GrabYourWallet [47]
2017 Right-wing commentators and fans of Andy Signore Screen Junkies Defy Media fired its former senior vice president of Content, Andy Signore due to allegations of sexual harassment. [48]
2018 Various companies with ties to the NRA National Rifle Association of America Stoneman Douglas High School shooting 2018 NRA boycott [49][50][51]
2018 Various companies with ties to The Ingraham Angle, and The Ingraham Angle itself. The Ingraham Angle Laura Ingraham attacking Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg Boycott of The Ingraham Angle
2018 Various companies with ties to Sinclair, and Sinclair itself. Sinclair Broadcast Group Conservative media bias of Sinclair; Sinclair mandating local news to attack certain news organizations Boycott of Sinclair Broadcasting Group
2018 Various Nike, Inc. Nike featured Colin Kaepernick in its advertising campaign. He is the NFL quarterback who sparked controversy by kneeling in protest during the national anthem. [52]
2019 Right-wing commentators and fans of Vic Mignogna Crunchyroll, LLC and Rooster Teeth Crunchyroll, LLC (formerly known as Fumination) and Rooster Teeth severed ties with Vic Mignogna following sexual harassment allegations against him. [53]
2019 Various Turkey Turkish invasion of Rojava on 9th October 2019. Turkey is considered by some groups to be an authoritarian state. 2019 Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria [54]
2019 South Koreans Japan Japan–South Korea trade dispute 2019 boycott of Japanese products in South Korea [55][56]
2020 Muslim world France (products) French response to the murder of Samuel Paty Murder of Samuel Paty [57][58]
2021 Republicans, conservatives and right-wing commentators The Walt Disney Company Disney's firing of Gina Carano from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian [59][60]
2022 Various multinational corporations Russia and Belarus Response to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine 2022 boycott of Russia and Belarus
2022 Romanians Austria Austrian veto on Romania's bid to join the Schengen Area. [61]
2023 Republicans, conservatives and right-wing commentators Project Veritas Project Veritas' removal of James O'Keefe. [62]
2023 Republicans, conservatives and right-wing commentators Anheuser-Busch (specifically Bud Light) Bud Light's sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney. 2023 Anheuser-Busch Boycott [63]
2023 Republicans, conservatives and right-wing commentators Activision (Call of Duty) Call of Duty supporting Pride Month after removing a pack dedicated to Nickmercs. [64]

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