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The following is the full list of the extant species in Class Chondrichthyes, or the cartilaginous fish. Members of this class have a backbone, gills, no swim bladder, jaws, and a skeleton made of cartilage, a soft, strong material as a replacement for bone.

Subclass Holocephali[edit]

Order Chimaeriformes[edit]

Subclass Elasmobranchii[edit]

Superorder Batoidea[edit]

Order Torpediniformes[edit]

Order Rhinopristiformes[edit]

Order Rajiformes[edit]

Order Myliobatiformes[edit]

Superorder Squalomorphii[edit]

Order Hexanchiformes[edit]

Order Squaliformes[edit]

Order Squatiniformes[edit]

Order Pristiophoriformes[edit]

Superorder Galeomorphi[edit]

Order Heterodontiformes[edit]

Order Orectolobiformes[edit]

Order Lamniformes[edit]

Order Carcharhiniformes[edit]

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