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Diagram of consolidation

It has been estimated that over 200 companies were hard disk drive manufacturers in the past. Besides competing on features such as hard disk drive (HDD) data density and latencies, many of those companies started to support new, smaller form factors that enabled the ever-reducing physical sizes of computing devices. Most of that industry has vanished through bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions. Surviving manufacturers are Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

The following is a list of known defunct HDD manufacturers:

Acquisition/merger charts of major brands[edit]

|                  |              |                 |                |
Control Data:1989  Conner:1996    Maxtor:2006       Samsung:2011     LaCie:2012
   |                     |
  MiniScribe : 1990     Quantum :2000
     |             |
     Plus:1992     DEC:1994
Western Digital
|             |        
Tandon:1988   Hitachi:2012 (2.5″, SSD & part of 3.5" facilities)
|             |
Fujitsu:2009  Hitachi:2012 (part of 3.5″ facilities)

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  1. ^ The Bulgarian manufacturer ISOT manufactured a 10 MB harddisk drive CM 5508 in 1989. It seems to have been used in the Iskra-1030 personal computer built in 1989 as well. The CM 5508 drive was also available under the ИЗОТ name.


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