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This is a list of concentrating solar thermal power (CSTP) companies. The CSTP industry finished a first round of new construction during 2006/7, a resurgence after more than 15 years of commercial dormancy.[1]

The CSTP industry saw many new entrants and new manufacturing facilities in 2008. Active project developers grew to include Ausra, Mulk Enpar Renewable Energy, Bright Source Energy, eSolar, FPL Energy, Infinia, Sopogy, and Stirling Energy Systems in the USA. In Spain, Abengoa Solar, Acciona, Iberdrola Renovables, and Sener were active in 2008.[2][3]

List of notable companies[edit]

Parabolic trough collectors:

Solar tower technology:

Linear fresnel:

Dish technology (none sterling):

Operation and maintenance:

Auxiliar and anti-freezing boiler:

Steam turbine erection:

Pre-operational cleaning:


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