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This is a list of notable fictional television stations, including fictional television networks.

United States stations[edit]


United Kingdom stations[edit]

  • Broken News
  • Chanel 9 – a TV station from the fictional island dictatorship of Republicca featured in The Fast Show
  • EBC1 – in Emu's Broadcasting Company, a children's TV show 1975–80
  • Network 7 – a fictional satellite network used for a groundbreaking Channel 4 youth news programme
  • Network Six – a role-playing game with regional television areas[8]
  • Outer Hebrides Broadcasting Corporation – a small-scale TV station in the Outer Hebrides, whose programmes are all performed by a single person named Highlander Angus in a small hut; featured in Naked Video
  • Rutland Weekend Television – a 1970s sketch show written by Eric Idle; RWT was the United Kingdom's smallest television station for the country's smallest county
  • Troutbridge TV – a television station in Portsmouth that was the setting for The TV Lark, effectively the fifth series of The Navy Lark
  • VBBC – parody of BBC One and name parodying CBBC, on Phineas and Ferb


Other countries[edit]


  • Antarctica Television – spoof channel


  • The Canada Channel – appears on the South Park episode "Eat, Pray, Queef"
  • CIVIC-TV – in the film Videodrome, a Toronto UHF station, likely a reference to real station CITY-TV.
  • CTLS (Channel 10)  – for the Canadian TV series E.N.G., the Toronto station where the characters work on the news program.
  • Météo+ – Francophone cable weather channel based in Sudbury, Ontario, in the Canadian TV series Météo+
  • SCTV – for Second City Television, the titular local television station, later network, in the fictional town of Melonville



  • THFFFVN (Truyen Hinh Fun Fun Fun Viet Nam) – from episode 12 of STB comedy


International waters[edit]

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