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Postal codes were first introduced in Romania in 1974. Beginning with 1 May 2003, postal codes have six digits, represent addresses to street level in major cities (those with population over 50,000). The digits represent (from left to right) the postal area; the county; the city/commune; the last three, depending on the size of the city/commune, represent the commune/city, the street, or the house/building.

The first digit represents the postal region, and the second the county in the postal region. Together, the first two digits identify a county.

The rest of the digits follow this convention:

  • 0xxx to 4xxx for larger cities, including the sectors of Bucharest (a postal code identifies a street address or small group of addresses)
  • 5xxx to 6xxx for smaller cities (a single postal code, ending in '00', is allocated to an entire city)
  • 7xxx for villages. A postal code is allocated to each village. A village that is the head of a commune has a postal code ending in 0 or 5.

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