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Satellite image of Tunisia, in summer

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Tunisia:

Tunisianorthernmost country in Africa situated on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia is the smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range. The south of the country is composed of the Sahara desert, with much of the remainder consisting of particularly fertile soil and 1,300 kilometres (810 mi) of coastline. In ancient times, Tunisia was the home of the famous Phoenician city of Carthage.

General reference[edit]

Geography of Tunisia[edit]

Geography of Tunisia

 Algeria 965 km
 Libya 459 km

Environment of Tunisia[edit]

Natural geographic features of Tunisia[edit]

Gulfs of Tunisia[edit]
The capital city of Tunis lies at the southern edge of the Gulf of Tunis.
Islands of Tunisia[edit]
Lakes of Tunisia[edit]
The Lake of Tunis is a natural lagoon located between the capital city of Tunis and the Gulf of Tunis.
Mountains of Tunisia[edit]
Rivers of Tunisia[edit]

Regions of Tunisia[edit]

Ecoregions of Tunisia[edit]

Administrative divisions of Tunisia[edit]

Subdivisions of Tunisia

Governorates of Tunisia[edit]

Governorates of Tunisia

Delegations of Tunisia[edit]

Delegations of Tunisia The governorates of Tunisia are divided into 262 "delegations" or "districts" (mutamadiyat).


List of cities in Tunisia

Demography of Tunisia[edit]

Demographics of Tunisia

Government and politics of Tunisia[edit]

Politics of Tunisia

Branches of the government of Tunisia[edit]

Government of Tunisia

Executive branch of the government of Tunisia[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Tunisia[edit]

Judicial branch of the government of Tunisia[edit]

Court system of Tunisia

Foreign relations of Tunisia[edit]

Foreign relations of Tunisia

International organization membership[edit]

The Tunisian Republic is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Tunisia[edit]

Law of Tunisia

Military of Tunisia[edit]

Military of Tunisia

Political parties in Tunisia[edit]

List of political parties in Tunisia

Politicians of Tunisia[edit]

Local government in Tunisia[edit]

Local government in Tunisia

History of Tunisia[edit]

History of Tunisia

By period[edit]

By subject[edit]

Dynasties of Tunisia[edit]

Economic history of Tunisia[edit]

Military history of Tunisia[edit]

Culture of Tunisia[edit]

Culture of Tunisia

Arts in Tunisia[edit]

Cuisine of Tunisia[edit]

Cuisine of Tunisia

Religion in Tunisia[edit]

Religion in Tunisia

Sports in Tunisia[edit]

Sports in Tunisia

Economy and infrastructure of Tunisia[edit]

Economy of Tunisia

Education in Tunisia[edit]

Education in Tunisia

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