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This article is about the proposed state in India. For the historic region, see Mithila (region). For the proposed state of Nepal, see Mithila, Nepal.
Proposed state
Location of Mithila
Country India
Region Northern India
Proposed capitals Darbhanga, Muzzafarpur, Purnia, Begusarai
Proposed Divisions
Language Maithili, Hindi

Mithila (Hindi/Urdu: मिथिला متھلا , mithilā Tirhuta: মিথিলা) is a proposed state in India, comprising of the Maithili speaking region of North Bihar and part of the historical Mithila region.

The proposed state will also include some Angika and Bajjika speaking districts which are considered by some to be dialects of Maithili.[1] What will be the capital city of Mithila, India is still to be decided. Darbhanga, the largest cultural hub of this region may be designated as Capital. Muzaffarpur, Purnia and Begusarai are also strong contenders of being Capital city.


Dr Laksman Jha demanded a Mithila state shortly after independence and the former Chief Minister of Bihar, Jagannath Mishra has also expressed support for the creation of the state.[2]

Various organisations have been formed that demand the formation of a state including the Maithil Mahasabha and the Mithilanchal Vikash Congress the former received support from Raj Darbhanga.[3] Various demonstrations have taken place demanding a Mithila state with a major protest taking place in Delhi in 2009 organised by the Akhil Bharatiya Mithila Rajya Sangharsh Samiti.[4]


On 18 August 2008 the Kosi embankment burst at Kusha in Nepal, near the border with India. The Kosi river inundated areas of Mithila that hadn't experienced floods in many decades.[5][6] 250 people died and 3 million people were forced from their homes.[7] More than 300,000 houses were destroyed and at least 340,000 hectares (840,000 acres) of crops were damaged.[7] Villagers in Mithila ate raw rice and flour mixed with polluted water. Hunger and disease were widespread. The Supaul district was the worst-hit; surging waters swamped 1,000 square kilometres (247,000 acres) of farmlands, destroying crops.[8]

Proposed Districts[edit]

Political support[edit]

Bharatiya Janata Party[edit]

Janata Dal (United)[edit]

  • In November 2011, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also extended his support for the statehood of Mithila.[12][13]
  • Shravan Chaudhary, JDU state president, has openly supported the demand for the statehood of Mithila.[14]

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