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Developer(s) Zipline Games
Written in Lua, C++
Type Game engine, Cloud computing
License Open Source, Proprietary

Moai is a development and deployment platform designed for the creation of mobile games on iOS and Android smartphones.[1] The Moai platform consists of Moai SDK, an open source game engine, and Moai Cloud, a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) for the hosting and deployment of game services. Moai developers use Lua, C++ and OpenGL, to build mobile games that span smartphones and cloud. Several commercial games have been built with Moai, including Crimson: Steam Pirates,[2][3] Invisible, Inc.,[4] and Broken Age.[5] Moai integrates third-party game analytics and monetization services such as Apsalar and Tapjoy.


A public beta of Moai was launched in July 2011.[6] The first Moai game to ship was Crimson: Steam Pirates, developed by Jordan Weisman and published by Bungie Aerospace in September 2011.[2] The 1.0 release of Moai was announced in March 2012.[1]

Notable games[edit]

The following games use Moai.


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