Mogaung Monastery

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Mogaung Monastery
Mogaung Monastery.jpg
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
CountryMandalay, Mandalay Region, Burma
Geographic coordinates21°59′39″N 96°06′55″E / 21.994259°N 96.115319°E / 21.994259; 96.115319Coordinates: 21°59′39″N 96°06′55″E / 21.994259°N 96.115319°E / 21.994259; 96.115319
FounderMogaung Mibaya
Completed1847; 172 years ago (1847)

Mogaung Monastery (Burmese: မိုးကောင်းကျောင်း) is a Buddhist monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). The wooden monastery was built by the Mogaung Mibaya, a minor queen of King Pagan Min in 1847.[1] The monastery's dimensions are 258 by 106 feet (79 m × 32 m) and is supported by 342 teak pillars.[1] The monastery's wooden carvings are adorned with motifs from the Ramayana.[1]

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