Nansi Lake

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Nansi Lake
Location Shandong Province
Coordinates 34°36′N 117°12′E / 34.600°N 117.200°E / 34.600; 117.200Coordinates: 34°36′N 117°12′E / 34.600°N 117.200°E / 34.600; 117.200
Basin countries China

Nansi Lake (Chinese: ; pinyin: Nán; literally: "Southern Four Lakes"), or Weishan Lake, administrated by Weishan County and located in Shandong Province in China, is the largest freshwater lake in the north of the country. It consists of four connected lakes: Weishan (Chinese: ; pinyin: Wēishān), Zhaoyang (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhāoyáng), Nanyang (Chinese: ; pinyin: Nányáng), Dushan (Chinese: ; pinyin: shān). It is 120 km long and 1266 square km in area.


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