Nepalese in the United Kingdom

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Nepalese in the United Kingdom
Total population
Nepali-born residents
5,943 (2001 UK Census)
42,000 )
80,000 ( UK census 2012)
Regions with significant populations
London · South East England
English · Nepali · Khambu · Limbu · Gurung · Magar
Hinduism · Buddhism · Kirant Mundhum · Christian
Related ethnic groups
Nepali people · Gurung · Limbu · Rai · Magar · Chhetri · Newar

Nepalese in the United Kingdom (also British Nepalese, Nepalese British) are British citizens or full-time residents of the United Kingdom whose ethnic origins lie fully or partially in Nepal.


A monument to the Nepalese Gurkha Soldier near the Ministry of Defence in London

From the first quarter of the 19th century, Gurkhas from Nepal had served in the British Army, and Gurkha soldiers' families lived in the UK. The Nepalese people living in the UK belong to different caste and have different languages.

In 1965, the first settlement of London's Nepalese community was made at 145 Whitfield Street in Camden. A commemorative plaque now stands on the site.[1]


According to the 2001 UK Census, 5,943 Nepali-born people were residing in the UK.[2] Office for National Statistics estimates suggest that 42,000 Nepali-born people were resident in the UK in 2010.[3] The president of the Himalayan Yeti Nepalese Association estimates that 50,000 Nepalese live in the UK.[4]


There are between 3,000 and 3,500 Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are enlisted in the UK armed forces. According to the 2001 UK census, 34.8 per cent of Nepalese-born people in London were working in hotels or restaurants, 15.7 per cent in real estate and renting, 15.3 per cent in wholesale and retail, 9.6 per cent in health and social care.[4]

Nepalese communities in the UK[edit]

  • Sherpa Kidug Organisation UK
  • Helmu Sherpa Organisation UK
  • Phaplu Sherpa Yula UK
  • Junbesei Sherpa Yula UK
  • Khumbu Sherpa Yula UK
  • Kirat Yakthung Chumlung UK (KYCUK)
  • NepaliSamajUK[5]
  • UK Magar
  • Tamang Society of UK[6]
  • Thakuri Samaj UK
  • Tamu Dhee UK[7]
  • Tamu Pye Lhu Saangh
  • Pasa Puchah Guthi UK
  • Kirat Rai Yayokkha UK[8]
  • Centre for Nepal Studies UK (CNSUK)
  • UK-Nepal Friendship Society (UKNFS)

Gorkhali Samaj UK(GOSUK), Lig Lig Samaj UK, Chhetri Samaj UK, United Nationalist Nepalese.

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