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Phillips Distilling Company (est. 1912) is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based distillery and house brand of liquors known for its omnipresence in the bars, taverns, and private shelves of the Great Plains. Brands such as UV Vodka and Prairie Vodka are becoming popular across the nation. Phillips produces a variety of liquors such as Vodka, Gin, Rum, Canadian whisky, Brandy and many flavors of Schnapps. In recent years, Phillips has branched out beyond standard liquors with a variety of specialty drinks, such as Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky (the original spiced whisky), Gin-Ka (a combination of gin and vodka), Phillips Union Whiskey, the 100 proof series of Schnapps (Hot, Blue, and Root Beer), and vodka such as UV Vodka and the handcrafted and organic Prairie Vodka. Phillips also produced an herbal liqueur, aptly named "Black 100" for its 50% alcohol by volume content and opaque black color, similar in texture and flavor to Schwartzhog or Jakob Steiner.

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