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This page is about the desktop game. For the iOS game, see Pocket God. For the comic, see Pocket God (comics).

Pocket God (Facebook)
Developer(s) Frima Studio
Publisher(s) Frima Studio
Platform(s) PC, Mac OS X, Linux (with Adobe Flash installed)
Release date(s) December 20, 2010
closed = March 20, 2015 
Genre(s) God game
Mode(s) Online single-player, online multiplayer

Pocket God is an online god game developed by Frima Studio under the supervision of Bolt Creative. It was released on December 23, 2010 on the popular online social network, Facebook. It expands the established world where the player takes the role of a god and manipulates features of islands and their inhabitants. First released on the iOS platform, Pocket God for Facebook brings Ooga and his friends to desktop and laptop computers along with a range of new features and is one of a number of 2010 expansions of the Pocket God brand. On March 20, 2015, the game was closed.


Pocket God is a god game in which the player takes the role of an omnipotent being who rules over an island and controls everything. The primitive islanders, known as Pygmies, are subject to the player's god powers.

Episode Updates[edit]


Episode Release Episode Title Features
1 12/21/10 Pocket God, antisocial The first release of Pocket God for Facebook, released with the mobile episode Konkey Dong. You can purchase in-game currency to use to buy powers or items to fix up your island. You can also play with your friends' pygmies. There are quests to complete, and new features not in the mobile versions.
2 01/15/11 Clash of The Frightened The second episode included a new challenge where if you overuse a God Power, a Rival God will challenge you. If you beat him or her, you have that god as an idol. Also an update to the store, items can now be paid with pocket change.
3 02/7/11 The Birds The third update of Pocket God for Facebook includes a new animal for purchase, Dodos. These birds can eat fish or pygmies and is available at level 17 for 20,000 sacrifice points or 40 pocket change. This update also included a new icon in the friends menu allowing you to edit your avatar, or your tribe member's names and gender.
4 03/08/11 Dressed to Kill The fourth episode of Pocket God for Facebook includes new customizable pieces that includes new hair colors, a new hair bone, a new boney tail, etc.
5 03/31/11 Archipela-go-go The fifth episode includes a feature where you can move to a smaller or larger island, and adds a hot spring to the store.
6 04/22/11 Kiss Your Ants Goodbye The sixth episode added the ability to set up an ant hill and drag red ants towards pygmies to kill them.
7 05/13/11 Supersize PygME The seventh episode includes the addition of magic mushrooms to the store. These mushrooms, when eaten, increase the size of the pygmy that eats it. If the pygmy eats another, it will die.
8 6/08/11 Hi-Islander The eighth episode includes a weapon rack with five weapons. Pygmies can duel and be turned into pinatas. Later, new items in the clothing store are available based on characters from the pocket god comics.
Intermission 1 6/??/11 Ninja Pirate Robot The first intermission added ninja, pirate, and robot pygmy costumes.
Intermission 2 8/??/11 Cowboys vs. Aliens (& Princess!) The second intermission added cowboy, alien, and princess pygmy costumes. You can also now brag to your friends that you completed a quest.
9 10/01/11 My Little Pygmy A new animal is introduced, a white unicorn with a rainbow on its backside. If you drop a pygmy on top of him, he will buck, and other pygmys to the unicorn's left will be caught on the horn or jump in to the water. He may also release a dissolving rainbow fart by clicking on him.
10 10/24/11 Attack of the Killer Pumpkin A global challenge is offered to the players for Halloween, which can be completed using a new plant power: The magic pumpkin. The pumpkin can be used to transform pygmies into more pumpkins, or to squash them under its weight.
11 11/24/11 Say your Prayers A global challenge is offered to the players for Thanksgiving, which can be completed using a new animal power: The chubby turkey. The turkey can roasted and eaten by the pygmies, but doing so provokes the revenge of other turkeys. The angry poultry jump on the island and peck away the head of pygmies.
12 12/??/11 White Fishmas A global challenge is offered to the players with a Christmas challenge, done with a new idol, Saint Fishmas. If you drop a male and female under the idol's mistletoe, they will kiss. Also, the chilly snow god power was introduced. This power makes snow fall from the sky. If a pygmy catches a blue snowflake, it will freeze. Pygmies will then try to lick the frozen pygmy, then when trying to get their tongue off the frozen pygmy, they end up dying.


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