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Podsljeme as a part of Zagreb

Podsljeme (pronounced [pǒtsʎeme]) is a city district situated in the foothills of Zagreb's mountain Medvednica and its name stands for "under Sljeme" (Sljeme is the peak of the Medvednica mountain). It has the status of četvrt (quarter, district, borough) and as such has an elected council.

Podsljeme had 19,165 residents in 2011.[1] Its residents are mainly upper middle or upper class.

Podsljeme is an affluent part of Zagreb with a high cost per square meter, about 3500 Euros per square meter. Upper-middle-class homes and dense deciduous forest prevail in this area. The uniqueness of Podsljeme is that, due to a number of hills and forests, it's hard to think that Zagreb's city centre is several miles away. Most of the city's tycoons, political personalities and celebrities live in the district.

List of neighborhoods in Podsljeme[edit]

  • Šestine
  • Gračani
  • Prekrižje
  • Bliznec
  • Dolje
  • Remete
  • Markuševec


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Coordinates: 45°51′41.31″N 15°58′58.51″E / 45.8614750°N 15.9829194°E / 45.8614750; 15.9829194