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Type Soft drink
Manufacturer Zbyszko (2000s)
Country of origin Poland based on slovenian Cockta
Introduced 1970s; 2000s
Discontinued 1980s
Flavour cola

Polo-Cockta (sometimes written as 'Polo Cockta' or 'Polo-Cocta') is a Polish Coca-Cola-like drink introduced in the 1970s. Polo-Cockta was introduced as a substitute for the original Coca-Cola, which was unavailable in Polish shops due to limited import from the USA to the communist countries. At first it was based on Cockta, very popular drink from Slovenia (then Yugoslavia).[1]

Polo-Cockta was discontinued during the 1980s, but has been revived for a few years by a private company Zbyszko which acquired all the rights to the brand, reacting to the ever-popular demand for PRL-stylised products. The taste of Polo-Cockta is sometimes described as a mixture of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The regular Polo-Cockta was replaced by Polo Cola; identical products. However, in 2016, Polo Cola was replaced again by Polo Cockta, an identical product.

Polo-Cockta has made a significant appearance in the Polish film Kingsajz by Juliusz Machulski, where it was a major plot device.

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