Schweppes Cola

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Schweppes Cola
Schweppes Cola.jpg
ManufacturerDr Pepper Snapple Group (formerly Dr Pepper/Seven Up)
Country of originItaly, Switzerland, Australia and United States
Discontinued2000 in Australia
VariantsDiet Schweppes Cola
Related productsRC Cola

Schweppes Cola is a brand of cola produced by Schweppes. It was, at first, available mainly in Australia, but it was eventually made available around the world. The taste is similar to the now-defunct Count Cola. The product was widely available in supermarkets & small take-away food outlets. In Australia, the product was discontinued when Schweppes obtained a license to produce Pepsi products in Australia. Schweppes Cola is currently owned and distributed by Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Today, the product can be found in Canada and other countries.

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