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The Best Director Award (French: Prix de la mise en scène) is an annual award presented at the Cannes Film Festival for best directing achievements in a feature film screened as part of festival's official selection (i.e. films selected for the competition program which compete for the festival's main prize Palme d'Or). Awarded by festival's jury, it was first given in 1946.

The prize was not awarded on 12 occasions (1947, 1953–54, 1960, 1962–64, 1971, 1973–74, 1977, 1980). In addition, the festival was not held at all in 1948 and 1950, while in 1968 no awards were given as the festival was called off mid-way due to the May 1968 events in France. Also, the jury vote was tied and prize was shared by two directors on seven occasions (1955, 1969, 1975, 1983, 2001, 2002 and 2016).

The winner of Best Director Award rarely wins the Palme d'Or, the main prize at the festival (note that the Palme d'Or is awarded to the film's director as well; the only exception is the case of Blue Is the Warmest Colour, where the actresses are also awarded with the director). This happened only twice, in 1991, when Joel Coen won both awards for Barton Fink, and in 2003, when Gus Van Sant won for his film Elephant.

List of Winners[edit]

Year Director Film Country
001946 (1st) Clément, RenéRené Clément The Battle of the Rails France
001949 (3rd) Clément, RenéRené Clément The Walls of Malapaga France
001951 (4th) Buñuel, LuisLuis Buñuel Los Olvidados Mexico
001952 (5th) Christian-Jaque Fanfan la Tulipe France
001955 (8th) Dassin, JulesJules Dassin Rififi United States
Vasilyev, SergeiSergei Vasilyev Heroes of Shipka Soviet Union
001956 (9th) Yutkevich, SergeiSergei Yutkevich Othello Soviet Union
001957 (10th) Bresson, RobertRobert Bresson A Man Escaped France
001958 (11th) Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Brink of Life Sweden
001959 (12th) Truffaut, FrançoisFrançois Truffaut The 400 Blows France
001961 (14th) Solntseva, YuliyaYuliya Solntseva The Story of the Flaming Years Soviet Union
001965 (18th) Ciulei, LiviuLiviu Ciulei Forest of the Hanged Romania
001966 (19th) Yutkevich, SergeiSergei Yutkevich Lenin in Poland Soviet Union
001967 (20th) Kósa, FerencFerenc Kósa Ten Thousand Days Hungary
001969 (22nd) Rocha, GlauberGlauber Rocha Antonio das Mortes Brazil
Jasný, VojtěchVojtěch Jasný All My Compatriots Czechoslovakia
001970 (23rd) Boorman, JohnJohn Boorman Leo the Last United Kingdom
001972 (25th) Jancsó, MiklósMiklós Jancsó Red Psalm Hungary
001975 (28th) Brault, MichelMichel Brault Orderers Canada
Gavras, CostaCosta Gavras Special Section Greece
001976 (29th) Scola, EttoreEttore Scola Down and Dirty Italy
001978 (31st) Oshima, NagisaNagisa Oshima Empire of Passion Japan
001979 (32nd) Malick, TerrenceTerrence Malick Days of Heaven United States
001982 (35th) Herzog, WernerWerner Herzog Fitzcarraldo West Germany
001983 (36th) Bresson, RobertRobert Bresson L'Argent France
Tarkovsky, AndreiAndrei Tarkovsky Nostalghia Soviet Union
001984 (37th) Tavernier, BertrandBertrand Tavernier A Sunday in the Country France
001985 (38th) Téchiné, AndréAndré Téchiné Rendez-vous France
001986 (39th) Scorsese, MartinMartin Scorsese After Hours United States
001987 (40th) Wenders, WimWim Wenders Wings of Desire West Germany
001988 (41st) Solanas, FernandoFernando Solanas Sur Argentina
001989 (42nd) Kusturica, EmirEmir Kusturica Time of the Gypsies Yugoslavia
001990 (43rd) Lungin, PavelPavel Lungin Taxi Blues Soviet Union
001991 (44th) Coen, JoelJoel Coen Barton Fink United States
001992 (45th) Altman, RobertRobert Altman The Player United States
001993 (46th) Leigh, MikeMike Leigh Naked United Kingdom
001994 (47th) Moretti, NanniNanni Moretti Caro diario Italy
001995 (48th) Kassovitz, MathieuMathieu Kassovitz La Haine France
001996 (49th) Coen, JoelJoel Coen Fargo United States
001997 (50th) Wong, Kar-waiWong Kar-wai Happy Together 1959
001998 (51st) Boorman, JohnJohn Boorman The General United Kingdom
001999 (52nd) Almodóvar, PedroPedro Almodóvar All About My Mother Spain
002000 (53rd) Yang, EdwardEdward Yang Yi Yi Taiwan
002001 (54th) Coen, JoelJoel Coen The Man Who Wasn't There United States
Lynch, DavidDavid Lynch Mulholland Drive United States
002002 (55th) Im, Kwon-taekIm Kwon-taek Painted Fire South Korea
Anderson, Paul ThomasPaul Thomas Anderson Punch-Drunk Love United States
002003 (56th) Van Sant, GusGus Van Sant Elephant United States
002004 (57th) Gatlif, TonyTony Gatlif Exiles France
002005 (58th) Haneke, MichaelMichael Haneke Caché Austria
002006 (59th) González Iñárritu, AlejandroAlejandro González Iñárritu Babel Mexico
002007 (60th) Schnabel, JulianJulian Schnabel The Diving Bell and the Butterfly United States
002008 (61st) Ceylan, Nuri BilgeNuri Bilge Ceylan Three Monkeys Turkey
002009 (62nd) Mendoza, BrillanteBrillante Mendoza Kinatay Philippines
002010 (63rd) Amalric, MathieuMathieu Amalric On Tour France
002011 (64th) Winding Refn, NicolasNicolas Winding Refn Drive Denmark
002012 (65th) Reygadas, CarlosCarlos Reygadas Post Tenebras Lux Mexico
002013 (66th) Escalante, AmatAmat Escalante Heli Mexico
002014 (67th) Miller, BennettBennett Miller Foxcatcher United States
002015 (68th) Hou, Hsiao-hsienHou Hsiao-hsien The Assassin Taiwan
002016 (69th) Mungiu, CristianCristian Mungiu Graduation Romania
Assayas, OlivierOlivier Assayas Personal Shopper France
002017 (70th) Coppola, SofiaSofia Coppola The Beguiled United States

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