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Rolfe's Chop House is a Manhattan eating establishment located at 90 Fulton Street,[1] established in 1848.[2] In February 1924 the store and basement of a Fulton Street edifice were sold to Mary Drake and her son. Following extensive improvements, the restaurant was opened as Rolfe's Chop House. Located in the Financial District,[2] Rolfe's Chop House is memorable to the history of New York City.

Earlier, the eatery was located in the Drake Building, 42 John Street.[1] Thomas C. Innd (died October 13, 1914), a member of the Irish Historical Society and a New York City native, was proprietor at the John Street location.[3]

Among the beverages served by the restaurant, in the mid-1930s, included Sandy MacDonald scotch whiskey.[4] The New York City Guide, published by the Works Progress Administration in 1939, notes that lunch at Rolfe's Chop House cost 35 cents and dinner sold for 75 cents.[5]


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