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Sa4 is the 4th of 7 hieroglyphs for Sa in the Luwian language. They are Sa, Sá, Sà, Sa4, Sa5, Sa6, and Sa7.

Sa, (Sa no. 4).
Sa, (Sa no. 1), the most common Sa of Hieroglyphic Luwian.
Gardiner's Sign List category for "Sky, earth, water, etc".

Sa4, a glyph similar to Egypt's "sun"[edit]


Sa4 of Hieroglyphic Luwian
Sa4 is basically identical to the N5 hieroglyph of Gardiner's Sign List for the Egyptian language, which in the hieroglyphs for Ancient Egypt is the representation of the sun, (and also Ra, the sun god). As the representation of the sun in Egypt, it also is translated in many uses for "day", or "time", as word determinatives.

The day, or time uses being the common ones for Egypt, requires that other more ornate forms of reference to Ra, the sun god, were needed. The solar disc was sometimes put on the head as a 'crown'; the major ornate sun disc representation contained the uraeus cobra surrounding it, and the cobra being with up-raised head.

Luwian language Sa[edit]

The Sa hieroglyphs are used in the Luwian language mostly for the usage of the letter 's'.

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