Sorang Sompeng script

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Sorang Sompeng
𑃐𑃦𑃝𑃗 𑃐𑃦𑃖𑃛𑃣𑃗
Shukla Sorang Sompeng.svg
The word 'Sorang Sompeng' in Sorang Sompeng script
Script type
Directionleft-to-right Edit this on Wikidata
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original invention
  • Sorang Sompeng
ISO 15924
ISO 15924Sora (398), ​Sora Sompeng
Unicode alias
Sora Sompeng
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Sorang Sompeng script is used to write in Sora, a Munda language with 300,000 speakers in India. The script was created by Mangei Gomango in 1936 and is used in religious contexts.[1] He was familiar with Odia, Telugu and English.

The Sora language is also written in the Latin, Odia and Telugu scripts.[2]


The values of the letters are as follows:

Sorang Sompeng
𑃐𑃦𑃝𑃗 𑃐𑃦𑃖𑃛𑃣𑃗
ସୋରାଙ୍ ସୋମପେଙ୍
Letter Name IPA Odia
𑃐 sah /s/
𑃑 tah /t/
𑃒 bah /b/
𑃓 cah /tʃ/
𑃔 dah /ɖ/
𑃕 gah /ɡ/
𑃖 mah /m/
𑃗 ngah /ŋ/
𑃘 lah /l/
𑃙 nah /n/
𑃚 wah /w/
𑃛 pah /p/
𑃜 yah /j/
𑃝 rah /r/
𑃞 hah /h/
𑃟 kah /k/
𑃠 jah /dʒ/
𑃡 nyah /ɲ/
𑃢 ah /aː/
𑃣 eeh /e/
𑃤 ih /i/
𑃥 uh /u/
𑃦 oh /o/, /a/ ,
𑃧 eh /ai/
𑃨 mae /mae/ ମୈ


Digit 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Sorang Sompeng 𑃰 𑃱 𑃲 𑃳 𑃴 𑃵 𑃶 𑃷 𑃸 𑃹



Sorang Sompeng script was added to the Unicode Standard in January, 2012 with the release of version 6.1.


The Unicode block for Sorang Sompeng script, called Sora Sompeng, is U+110D0–U+110FF:

Sora Sompeng[1][2]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+110Dx 𑃐 𑃑 𑃒 𑃓 𑃔 𑃕 𑃖 𑃗 𑃘 𑃙 𑃚 𑃛 𑃜 𑃝 𑃞 𑃟
U+110Ex 𑃠 𑃡 𑃢 𑃣 𑃤 𑃥 𑃦 𑃧 𑃨
U+110Fx 𑃰 𑃱 𑃲 𑃳 𑃴 𑃵 𑃶 𑃷 𑃸 𑃹
1.^ As of Unicode version 15.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


Microsoft Windows made a font called Nirmala UI, which supports Sora Sompeng. Google Noto is also making a font, called Noto Sans Sora Sompeng. Here's a beta version of it: [1]


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