Saturne Party

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Saturne Party was held in Chelles/Paris. (France) by Saturne. 300-1000 people party.

Amiga, PC, Music and Graphics competitions. Modules preselected for the music competition, Intros limited at 64k.

The final, 1997 edition of the party became notorious on the scene due to an early electric failure in the main hall which left the venue without power for most of the event.[1]

Competition winners[edit]

Saturne Party compo winners, 1993-1997
Year amiga demo pc demo amiga intro pc intro graphic music
1993[2] Nova N/A Destroy Fascism (Angels) N/A Troyan Jazz (Experience)
1994 Real (Complex) N/A Cobalt (Paradox) N/A Acid Trips (Mack & Walt of Melon Design) La soupe aux choux (Feedback of Phantom)
1996 Atome (Skarla) Contrast (Oxygene) Little floove (Abyss) Teddy bear (Eclipse) Oxi j'aime pas (Tenshu of Syndrome) Under the sea (Fby Fabio Barzagli of Soft One)
1996[3] hardcore (Syndrome) magma (MenTaSm) oldies but goodies (Intense) N/A N/A
1997 N/A Evolution (Gods) Sublime (Darkage) Saturnin (JF) N/A N/A


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