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Fu Cheong Estate in Sham Shui Po, former location of Sham Shui Po Ferry Pier

Sham Shui Po Ferry Pier (Chinese: 深水埗碼頭; Jyutping: sam1 seoi2 bou4 maa5 tau4) was a ferry pier in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong that operated from 1924 to 1992. It was one of the important ferry piers in West Kowloon and had a bus terminus nearby.


The pier began operating in 1924, located on the coast at the junction of Tung Chau Street (通州街) and Pei Ho Street. It provided ferry services to and from Central, Sheung Wan and Macau.[1] It was relocated to the shore next to Yen Chow Street in 1979 to cope with land reclamation work and the construction of the Nam Cheong Estate.

The ferry service to and from Sheung Wan was terminated in 1979 due to the destruction of Wilmer Street (威利麻街) pier in Sheung Wan by a typhoon. The service to and from Macau was terminated in 1989 and replaced by the Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. The service between Central and Sham Shui Po was terminated in 1992 and the pier was also closed. But its bus terminus was still in use until it was replaced by that in Tonkin Street in 1999.[2]

The Fu Cheong Estate has now been built on the former site of the bus terminus. The pier is now reclaimed and the MTR Nam Cheong Station now stands in its place.[3]

Bus routes[edit]

There were a number of bus routes terminated at Sham Shui Po Ferry Pier Bus Terminus before it was closed in 1999.


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