South Marsh Mill, Arundel

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Arundel Windmill
Arundel 1920 (2).jpg
The mill c1920
Mill nameSouth Marsh Mill
Mill locationTQ 013 063
Coordinates50°50′49″N 0°33′43″W / 50.847°N 0.562°W / 50.847; -0.562Coordinates: 50°50′49″N 0°33′43″W / 50.847°N 0.562°W / 50.847; -0.562
Year built1830
PurposeCorn mill
TypeTower mill
StoreysFive storeys
No. of sailsFour sails
Type of sailsPatent sails
WindshaftCast iron
Auxiliary powerEngine

South Marsh Mill is a grade II listed[1] tower mill at Arundel, Sussex, England which has been converted to residential use.


South Marsh Mill was built in 1830. It was working by wind until 1915, when the windshaft snapped, but was worked by engine until 1922. The machinery was removed c.1941.[2]


South Marsh Mill is a five-storey tower mill. She had four Patent sails carried on a cast iron windshaft. The cap was a beehive shape, winded by a fantail. The mill drove three pairs of millstones. The cap now carried is an octagonal shape, housing the broken windshaft. The fantail is missing.[2] Various extensions have been made to the tower.[1]


  • Messrs Dendy & Pellet 1830 - 1840
  • Henry Bartlett 1840 -
  • William Watkins 1840 -

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