The Student Association at Binghamton University

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The Student Association at Binghamton University
Logo of the SA at Binghamton
Formation 1978
Jermel McClure

The Student Association at Binghamton University (abbreviated the SA) is the student union of undergraduate students at Binghamton University. It is a 501-c3 non-for-profit, autonomous from the University.[1] It represents and provides resources for over 13,000 undergraduate students, charters student groups, provides concerts and programming, and transportation services. The corporate name is Student Association of Binghamton University, Inc.


The Student Association was first formed in 1978 as a small council with extremely limited power under university supervision. Since then, it has become a driving force for change on campus and advocacy for the student body.[2] The Student Association is responsible helping introduce a rent-a-car service for students and bridging cultural boundaries with events such as International Fest. The student government has also engaged students in important debates such as the proposed SUNY-wide smoking ban and the role of pornography on campus.[3]

In addition to the role the student association plays on the Binghamton University Campus, the Student Association and its groups have made strong efforts to work with and improve the greater Binghamton Community. The SA has supported and sponsored programs including the West Side Neighborhood Project[4] and the SUNY KIDS Program.[5]


The Student Association is divided into three branches: The Executive Board, the Student Congress, and the Judicial Board.[6]

The Executive Board handles the day-to-day operations of the Student Association, pursues large-scale projects, provides student services, and represents the student body to Binghamton’s campus community. This board includes a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Programming and Vice President of Multicultural Affairs.[7] Each is elected once a year by a vote of undergraduate students. The Speaker of the Congress is an ex officio non-voting member of the Executive Board.[8]

The Student Congress creates and debates policies and legislation relating to the quality of life of Binghamton students. The 45 representatives that make up the Congress are elected by the individual Residential Communities and by the off-campus community. The Student Congress is chaired by the Speaker of the Student Association and has four standing committees: Student Life and Academics Committee (SLA), Internal Affairs Committee (IA), and the Financial Committee (FINCO).[8]

The Judicial Board hears and makes rulings on cases relating to the constitution of the Student Association, utilizing the power of judicial review. The Board is composed of nine students appointed by the Student Association President and confirmed by the Congress.[6] Judicial Board elections are held, with board members being the only voters, for chair, vice-chair, and secretary.[8] In addition to legislative review, the Judicial Board hears general court cases after grievances are filed. A standard trial is held between the petitioner and the defendant. In the end, the J-Board issues binding resolutions to resolve the case.[8]

The professional staff consists of an Executive Director and an Administrative Director. The Executive Director works with student groups, the Executive board and Programming Board to assist students and generate programs while the Administrative Director handles the Student Association's finances and coordinates its day-to-day activities.

Student groups[edit]

The Student Association at Binghamton University is made up of approximately 290 student organizations.[9] This includes a variety of service, performance, political, religious, athletic and cultural groups, as well as student run business. Some of these student run groups include WHRW, the Binghamton Crosbys, Pipe Dream (newspaper), BTV, the Harpur Harpeggios and the Rhythm Method. In 2013, the University and the Student Association collaborated to introduce B-Engaged, a website which features a complete list of all involvement opportunities at Binghamton.[10]


The Student Association provides Binghamton students with a number of vital services, including the student run bus service, OCC Transport,[11] and free ambulance service, Harpur's Ferry. They also run an on-campus print shop and a sound, stage and lighting business.


The Student Association and its chartered groups provide a variety of entertainment, educational and cultural programming for Binghamton students.[12] The SA Programming Board, led by the Vice President of Programming, is responsible for a number of events, festivals, concerts and speakers.[13] Every winter they bring a major artist to the Binghamton Events Center and each spring they provide a free concert for students as a part of the annual Spring Fling Festival.[14] Using surveys and opinion polls, the programming board picks artists that students will look forward to most.[15]


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